Bad and Good News To All Graduates Who are Currently Looking For Job In Petroleum Industry

As I am writing this article  a number of employees  all over the  world including Tanzanians has lost their jobs
in different  petroleum companies like  schlumberger, baker Hughes and Halliburton as
oil price fell from $ 100-per barrel high last year to near $ 40 this weak. On
other sides, graduates from different universities in Tazanania, especially
those who took petroleum engineering and petroleum geosciences are still
looking for opportunity to begin their career in these oil and gas companies. Both
graduates and those who has lost their jobs in these companies worry about
their prospects as oil price remain below $ 50 per barrel. What the are going
through their  mind , is this industry
going to give them the opportunity that they are trying to seek?
If you are job seeker, or you want to
make career change into petroleum industry, or you are graduate and you have
passion for beginning your career in this industry, today I have bad and good
news for you.
A newly  released analysis of hiring trend has revealed
oil &gas companies has reduced their number of job posting.
Big oil companies have slowed down on
hiring. World wide, layoffs in the oil &gas industries  have topped 176,000, according to swift world
wide resources, oil and gas industry staffing firm that has been tracking the
industry jobs cuts.
Big oil company company like CHEVRON
recently  announced plans to slash 1500
jobs.Royal Dutch Shell, revealed that it’s axing more than 6500 jobs. The way i
see things as layoff mount, graduates will face intense competition for fewer
Its very clear to every one that this
petroleum industry is the one of the highest  paying industry, new graduates can make  as  much
as $ 130,000  (U.S) a year, that why
graduates are fighting  to be employed in
this industry and others suffer from severe headache when lost their job in
petroleum companies.
Even with this low crude price, Oil
companies are not abandoning their recruiting effort, more engineers and more
kind of technicians are still needed to address future challenges.So what you
should do, you have to work hard and you are having to look for alternative.
You should use your mind wisely to think on what to do with this current
Petroleum industry is very complex
and volatile industry. If you are looking for career in this industry you
must  prepare  to accept all challenges and risks that you
might face. The industry does not have secure job. Since because you can lose
your job abruptly.


Dear readers, We would love to hear
your views on all of these.

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