Petrol or service station is a lucrative  business in Tanzania that need some knowledge and strategic planning. This already-written  petrol/service station business plan  help not only  translate your ideas into business and your dream into reality. It may also used for bank loans and as a road map for running your business and should also […]

Executive Summary JECKA LTD is an indigenous company duly registered as a supplier of goods and services in the oil and gas industry, following the massive discovery of natural gas in offshore Tanzania, and the 1445-km pipeline construction from Uganda to Tanzania. Our business model is centered on delivering excellent services across various segments of […]

  Are you an entrepreneur looking  to create value in the oil and gas industry? I want to say our people (Tanzanians and East Africans) are backbenchers because of the lack of  sufficient knowledge on how to create value in the oil and gas industry. We aren’t  in a position  to  say that what  can […]

Tanzania import millions of litres of refined petroleum products annually. Setting up your own petroleum refinery will reduce the amount of petroleum products imported into the country. It will also improve availability of the petroleum products in the country. Petroleum refinery business is a lucrative but capital intensive. The total investment cost for setting up […]

I want to say our people (Tanzanians and East Africans) are backbenchers because of lack of information. There is a lot happening in the oil and gas industry, but most people have no clue as to opportunities out there. The myth that you need to be an expert or a wealthy person to participate in […]

For quite some time now, investing or doing business in the oil and gas industry was seen as the exclusive domain of the wealthy. You had to have a deep pocket, huge financial muscles and high connections with decision-makers in the industry to play the game. The idea of investing has caused (and is still […]

A Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) refilling plant is a system which can be used either automatically or manually to refill LPG cylinders. Oil and gas companies have projected an increase in demand of LPG in the future due to increase in its domestic use. The demand is likely to increase subsequently over the years to […]

With the growing demand for lubricant oil in Tanzania, there is a proliferation of lubricant brands which causes intense competition between each distributor and dealers. But with quality standard products, good marketing plan, sufficient start-up capital and a good distribution network, a new distributor like STANDARD LUBE (a company) can win competition in this business. […]

If you rack brains to find perfect business and investment opportunities in Tanzania. Investing in downstream petroleum products is a better option. With economic growth and an increasing mid-class population, the demand for oil and gas-related products is increasing in Tanzania. This article explores lucrative business opportunities you can start in Tanzania anytime you ready. […]

  The demand for retailing petroleum products – including diesel, petrol and kerosene – in rural areas and small towns in Tanzania is growing at a fast rate. The growing demand of retail petrol stations in those areas is driven by increasing economic and farming activities. The farmers constantly require diesel in huge quantities in […]