See Why Discovery of Natural gas in Tanzania Could not bring Too Many Jobs To Tanzanians as they believe

Few weeks ago i got  the text from Tanzanian  who
is studying Petroleum engineering in among  of university in China, He was curious to know  about the
employment opportunity in natural gas sector in Tanzania? And this is why  i am writing this article.

You know many people believe the
discovery of natural gas could give Tanzanians millions of job opportunities,
they think, their sons, relatives or themselves can be  employed in 
natural gas industry.This  is definetly  untrue. So to day, this article    will clear up  this 
common misconception
Oil and gas sector is highly capital
intensive industry with risky operations. And Due to the investment of high
capital, the oil companies do not prefer to have a large number of employee in
order  to make reasonable profit. In the currently
findings released by Twaweza organization in a research brief tittled “Great
expectation citizens views on the gas sector” shows that, average citizens
expect four millon job opportunities from natural gas industry. Their expectation
 is beyond of the real situation. Tanzanians can find an example of country like Norway, though of its massive discovery of natural resources,  they  have only 240,000  employee  in their  gas sector. 

You can imagine, Tanzanians expect four millions job in gas sector while Norwagians who currently employed in gas sector is only 240,000. I hope you will agree with me that, the perception of many Tanzanian citizen to get job in gas sector is unrealistic. 
 Citizen might be be
employed in this sector, but is not at large number  as many citizens
believe, few people they could get employment and not many of them. This is
the right time for Tanzanians to be aware on this particular matter.

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