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The East African oil pipeline (or the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline is the talk of the town now. Not only in East Africa but all over the globe.

The construction of this pipeline is officially on. Social and resettlement planning services have been undertaking it in Tanzania.

The sad reality is that people don’t know about the business opportunities available in the project.

More and more people keep wondering what the opportunities emerging in this project are and how they can be part of it.

“Do they offer equipment or provide services?” they ask themselves.

If you are among these people seeking to do business in this projects but have no idea how to get started, then no need to worry.

This article shows you some opportunities available in the project and how you can participate so that you can reap a substantial profit.

The Tanzania-Uganda Pipeline Opportunities

  1. Pipes and connection supplies: One of the opportunities in this project is to supply and manufacture seamless tubes and pipes (LSAW) and also supplying steel pipes.
  2. Chemical Supplies: For the construction of the pipelines, there are a lot of specialty chemicals needed, from corrosion inhibitors additives to scale remover to chemicals that reduce paraffin build up. You cannot run a pipeline without these things, and you can get them from China really cheap. Which means your profit margin may increase by 30-50 percent.
  3. Pipeline equipment supplies: These cover all materials that are required in the pipeline transportation system. It includes fittings, valves, scraper traps, insulating flanges, flow tee, pumping station, etc.
  4. Civil engineering works: These include building construction work, construction and maintenance of roads, construction and maintenance of drainage system, etc.
  5. Pipeline inspection services.
  6. Food supply.
  7. Security services.

Are you ready to utilize opportunities in this project? Here is how to grab the opportunities:

1. Identify the decision makers and influencers in this Uganda-Tanzania pipeline project.

The first step in pursuing opportunities in the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline is determining who the decision makers are.

Decision makers are the people who can approve or disapprove your proposal.

No matter how big a company is, there are decision makers who can approve or disapprove documents.

This can be easily achieved by making a list of key players in the project and starting to build long term relationship with them.

2. Demonstrate your experience.

You should demonstrate that you are the right person to execute the project you’re proposing.

You should demonstrate your capability and your experiences in executing similar project.

“What if my business is small and new n the industry?” you may ask.

Well, the answer is pretty simple. You still have a chance to tap opportunities in the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline project.

If your business is small and new, and you don’t have any experience or working history to be taken as references to the service you want to render, you should consider going into a joint venture with an experienced contractor in the oil and gas industry in such bidding venture. However inexperienced, you still have a chance to participate in this work.

You have learned the opportunities in the East Africa pipeline project and you now know how to access them.

If you want to learn more about the opportunities in the Tanzanian oil and gas sector and how you can grab them, click here to know more.



We need a Slickline Supervisor during about 10 days in March/April That will work with our client, exploration and production company in Mtwara Tanzania. The job will consist in supervising a service company team doing slickline jobs on our wells to retrieve pressure gauges.



– Higher technical education;

– Wide knowledge of all Wireline/Slickline operations and equipment with the working experience of 10 years at Wireline/Slickline;

– Wide knowledge and 5 years of relevant experience in supervisory role;


If you meet the above skills and qualification send your CV info@rockgastanzania.com





Deep down you know it’s true that Tanzania’s oil and gas is growing at alarming rates. And if you look into industry today you’ll notice three things:

1.Foreign companies Everywhere are scrambling To Tap Opportunities
Major oil players in the world –Shell, Statoil, Exxon Mobil, Ophir energy, Pavilion energy have established offices in Tanzania. Even the Asian oil companies such as China National Offshore oil companies (CNOOC ) that were rarely to see them are now in the region. And more are coming in. Tanzania’s petroleum sector has become a powerful magnet for foreign investors.
2. New oil and gas projects are forthcoming
The Uganda–Tanzania oil-export pipeline projects that will cover 1403 kilometer stand to create over 15,000 jobs. The government plans to build a Liquefied natural gas plant in Lindi southern part of Tanzania. To top it off, some of the local companies are engaging in entire supply chain and supportive services.
3. Abundant oil and natural gas are underway

Tanzania has discovered approximately 57.25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. 10.17 trillion cubic feet is on land and 40.08 trillion cubic feet is in deep water. But exploration is underway. So more discovery might be forthcoming.

So what does all this mean to you? Simple. All such projects require different local workers.

Sadly, Tanzania faces a serious shortage of local labor with skills and experiences relevant to oil and gas. The shortage of skilled local workforce with skills it threatens the oil and gas economy.

To reap substantial reward from the oil and gas we must have a pool of local workforce who will handle and manage our new found resources wealth.
Getting Our Young People Work into Oil and Gas
Tanzania is now witnessing with many institutions that are teaching modular in oil and gas courses. But the burning questions are  such graduates our institutions produce, meet the needs of oil and gas companies? And how do we get our young people employed in oil and gas?

To be completely Transparent, Oil and gas sector is specialized industry and is capital intensive this living testimony there are limited opportunities for an inexperienced workforce.

Unfortunately, the more natural gas found in Tanzania is in the deep sea.(47.08 cubic feet) this generate fewer jobs because of complexity and specialized management needed which most of our local workforce don’t have.

Read: How To Land A Job In Tanzania Oil and Gas Without Industry Experience and Connections—A career Advice From American Oil and Gas Expert

When oil companies look new hires, not specifically entry-level college graduates. They call for an experience. So what? We need to develop our college students and recent graduates as they can capitalize on their growth opportunities in the year to come. How? Keep reading you’ll find out

The rest of article is how you can solve this problem and make huge cash

Let Fix Problem And Make Money
I always say If you want to make money In Tanzania’s oil and gas sector just fix the problem. It’s that simple. The fun thing is oil and gas is new industry in our country so there is always room for improvement. How? Stick with me here.

But before we go any further, allow me to give the general topic in our daily life

In entrepreneurship perspective, we don’t blame anybody when we experience challenges.Why? because entrepreneurs see the problem in different ways, They turn challenges into an opportunity. In other words, problems are entrepreneurs’ money.
So the problem here is the shortage of skills local labor. And that’s where you come in and make huge cash through Training local workforce in different aspect of oil and gas

As James Tastard, vice president of human resources for Norwegian oil and gas firm Statoil says,” training are keys to meeting skills shortage challenge in oil and gas industry”

I read recently on the internet , to deal with skills shortage the government intends to have 500 local experts in 10 years in the oil and gas sector.

But trust me this the biggest challenge you can shoulder your responsibility and make money as well.

Now. Let’s training our young people to help them getting feet into the oil and gas company’s doors

Getting Into Oil and Gas Training
I recommend you name your training as “GETTING INTO OIL AND GAS TRAINING”

But your should provide training in the industry specific skills.The professions that are in higher demand in oil and gas. Why do I say this? Because this skills will boost them to get employed and fit themselves in oil and gas.

Your Training Must focus on these areas
Welding Bench Fitting Pipe Pigging Electronics pipeline pigging, safety training, plumbing.

Let’s take a journey to help our next generation in oil and gas, train them and  enter into Tanzania’s oil and gas work place.

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Want to start a career in oil and gas sector in Tanzania? Or simply looking for oil and gas jobs?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn to land a job in Tanzanian oil and gas sector even you’ve no experience and know matter where you come from.

Interviewed my friend Mark Lacour last month, for the first time for a long time. Mark he is American.

And he is Managing Director at Model point—an America based firm that helps organization to sell products and services into oil and gas.

Mark has tons of work experience. He knows the oil and gas sector inside out. I call him an oil and gas Guru.

And In this video, Mark will teach you the following
1. How do someone break into this industry without any experiences or connection
2. What is the job search advice you offer to Tanzanians
3. How can students and graduates get internship in this industry

4. So how do you forecast the future of oil and gas job in Tanzania?
5.A word of wisdom to Tanzanians who are interested in this sector


Enjoy the show!


Hussein Boffu

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how much will oil and gas jobs take longer

Since 2012 many Tanzanians have been recruited by international oil firms.
But right now Oil prices are down, layoffs are still widespread Oil jobs keep falling. And oilfield employees have to find an alternative source of income to survive.

A degree in engineering disciplines was a ticket for lucrative oil and gas jobs. Several Tanzanian graduates were actively absorbed by oil and gas firms. . But now they stop hiring process.

Sadly, oil and gas companies shut down projects that have technical and political risk to adapt the low prices

The question is how do you expect the oil jobs to remain hot in Tanzania. Is it time for career diversification? Can oil and gas create more jobs and bring hope to present and future generation
The answer boils down this.

Abundant Tanzania’s gas has found in the deep sea, More oil rig installation, supertankers, and aircraft tend to come online to bring gas from the ground.

A government strategy to build a Liquefied natural Gas (LNG) plant in Lind region. Think what?
The sector will attract many talents. They should hire you to function Rig facilities, in addition, run machines and equipment in the place.

Don’t forget supportive industries such as pipeline and drilling companies
No jobs? Don’t make me laugh. There would be plenty of them yet not for everybody because of the oil and gas investment characteristics

Find who to get in touch with, not every oil jobs are posted in the online portal. Yes, you won’t see them on google, or Ajira zetu.com.

the more contact you have the more you land your best-fit
update skills and add value to your resume because low oil price might persist until 2017, you might land long term jobs when oil goes up. In other words, forget about
IT and Business Administration. Gas is King


Lets me telling  you one thing my friend, petroleum industries is very complex industry, it has up and  down, it has a lot of challenges, before you decide to look for job in this industry or starting your own business you must be aware of those challenges that face industry in order to know how you can handle them.

Both services companies and operators have been laid off their workers in order to cope with low level price due to falling of oil prices.

Layoffs increase day after day, up to this time worldwide  nearly  179,000 oil and gas workers have lost their jobs in response to low oil prices this is according to findings  conducted by energy recruiter swift worldwide resources.

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On top of thousands of layoff already announced this year the layoff   are still increasing and bad news is that oil companies still cut up jobs. For example   Halliburton,  one of the largest service provider have slashed 14,000 jobs  and also company plan to cut more jobs including  management position in North America where the crude slump has been particularly brutal.


Since  Low oil prices are harsh realities that can not be avoided as the nature of business also layoff is inevitable in oil companies in this period of low crude prices





Have you seen some employee in oil and gas industry  are happier day to day, moving from one position to another, and are promoted faster than others, more productive more fulfilled than others? While others are filled with angry and frustrations. What makes this difference?  Is it Kismet or Kind of  fate?

So to day i will share with you three simple secret that will make you more happier and more successful in your career in oil and gas industry


  1. Have open mind and be willing to learn.

You should develop the habit of lifelong learning,  one of common habit that destroy career of many employee in petroleum industry is to stop   learning immediately after getting the job offer. The industry is very diverse no  matter   what the degree or background you should develop the habit of continuous  learning in order to be among of the most respected and successful person in your job or career.



  1. Understand your company or industry and what role you can play

You must be aware of challenges and problem that face  industry  and thinking on finding  a means you can solve those problems. If you demonstrate interest, passion and great attitude in getting involved, this will assist you to be promoted faster than others who keep on waiting for luck to struck them.




  1. Network with professionals in the oil and gas industry.

Attend every seminars and conferences relating to oil and gas industry where you can meet professionals from different industry. And this tip is work more for students and other job seeker where can start getting contacts to see where you would like to apply and having successful career. You should find upcoming events in the site like Tanzaniapetroleum.com or other sites


Those tips I mention above are very simple to apply but it need a lot of commitment.


Good luck in your successful career in oil and gas industry