One Simple thing to Keep in Your Mind and It will help You To Work In Petroleum Industry

 Petroleum industries require personnel with
diverse academic background, It involve
both technical personnel (such as enigineers , land survey, geomatics)
and non technical personnel ( such as
Lawyer, human resources accounting marketing environmental and safety, banker,
transportation, security insurance and so on.)
You as a Lawyaer or accountant you
might  be interesting to join or make
career change into oil  and gas
industry or for those with engineering background unrelated to oil and gas
industries or no field experience but you
would like  to join into this
industry. To day I will share with you one thing in order to help you join into
petroleum industry.
Lets go,
Generally, company  would  hire you and train you,  even though the company need people, it does
not mean they  would like to start  completely from scratch. This applies to both
technical and non technical personnel. The Company would need some who having
understanding of petroleum field.  You should have a basic knowledge of petroleum industry.To increase chances to get your dream  job  in
petroleum industry you must having a basic understanging of terminology of oil
field such as a word HYDROCARBON and
so on.
What you have To do?
As we have already seen above, for
those with courses unrelated to oil and gas industries like  electrical engineers and accounting, they
must have basic understanding of this petroleum industries in order to join the
industry. May be you ask yourself. “How  i
would manage to know all of these basic concepts in oil and gas industry. The
answer is very straight forward. A great way for you to satand out is would be
to learn that on your own time.With these information age  you can learn any thing you want to learn,
you can know any thing you want to know. Now days every thing is on the internet,
you can learn millions of things simply by touch your mouse or mobile device.
If you don’t know where to start and
you are willing to learn the basic of petroleum industries, you should contact
me through,
and i am going to show you the area where you will find those stuff


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