aboundance of natural gas reserves in Tanzania  attracts many investors , contractors,
equipment suppliers  and consultant firms
to offer business opportunities  in
Tanzania.  This  implies that, natural gas will continue  to play an increasingly important role in
meeting demand for energy in Tanzania.
       There are many reasons for the long term
expected  increase in demand for natural
gas in Tanzania, which include the following.
 in the number of  New homes
homes increase day after day, family size increase as well, as these new homes built,
the consumption of natural gas mounts, and the number of families use natural
gas to cook and heat them also increase.Therefore increase of new homes using
natural gas is expected drive demand for Natural gas in Tanzania.
of gas based power generation
largest addition to gas demand in Tanzania where the most of expansion of power
are taking place.  forexample the
construction of kinyerezi 1 gas fired power plants, they will be supplied gas
from Mtwara through Mtwara-Dar es Salaam pipeline, So more gas will be needed
to meet the demand as the result of natural gas demand increases.
3. Technological
 – Currently, the majority of energy used by the commercial
sector is in the form of electricity. Similarly, many common household
appliances can only run on electricity. The advancement of natural gas
technology in the form of offering natural gas powered applications that may
compete with these electric operated appliances may provide a huge increase in
demand for natural gas. Natural gas cooling, combined heat and power, and
distributed generation are expected to make inroads into those applications that
have traditionally been served solely by electricity.

gas use in transportation are almost negligible.Although natural gas powered
vehicles are very useful for reducing environment pollution compered to fuel
powered vehicles. The demand for alternative vehicles fuel vehicles (Including
natural gas vehicles) will increase demand in natural gas. Although to
accomplish this, technology is required.

general increasing of natural gas demand in Tanzania can be expected to the
general growth of economy of Tanzania and improving living standard of
readers we would love to hear your views on all of these
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