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Your Most Reliable Local Management Consultancy in the Oil and Gas (Energy) Sector

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Working with African enterprises in their growth and development
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supporting African enterprises in their growth and development in the Energy Sector.

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How Can We Help?

We want to grow with you by positioning you and your company to maintain superior competitive stances in the market.

Planning, Studies and Reports

We conduct studies and prepare reports based on which you may make smart investment decisions or you you may approach banks and investors for raising capital, or based on which you may approach government agencies for project clearance. It includes the following. Preparation of concept note, preparation of the business plan, Pre-feasibility report, Feasibility study report, Market research report, Carrying Site survey and site and location selection, and Environment Impact Assessment(EIA)

Business Development Consulting

It involves assisting clients in obtaining the financial, permit, environmental, and other project clearances from different government authorities. Assistance with securing LPGas supplies from Tanzania It also covers the Market Entry Strategy. Diversification strategy.Acquisition Strategy. Market expansion strategy.

Market Entry Strategy & Intelligence

We create customized reports for our clients that allow them to make informed decisions and de-risk investments. From the market overview, main players active in the market, future projects, profiling competitors, the best way to enter the market, growth rates, and legalities requirements we act as a trusted consultant in the boardroom and on the field.

investment project evaluation, investment planning, and Investment project Proposal

We provide accurate and realistic assessments of opportunities to enable smart investment decisions. We forecast investment costs, operating costs, the profitability of the projects, working capital requirement, labor cost, return on investment, payback period, and risk mitigation analysis.

Expertise in acquisition of resources

We provide expert assistance in the acquisition of resources. This includes acquiring qualified personnel, applicants, suppliers, partner, warehouses, materials, tools, and equipment.

Multi-client Survey

Our multiclient survey gives a broad overview of the market, current trends, present and prospective suppliers etc.

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My name is Hussein Boffu. I work with the most reliable local management consultancy  in the energy sector. 




Why can we help you?

Knowledge of the oil and gas industry, experience, and insights

Extensive list of client success within energy industry: We get it. We change people's live. We provide real value. We help people win.


With intimate knowledge of the local condition and culture and market allow us to produce recommendations that reflect the inner reality of your business.


With intimate knowledge of the local environment and culture and market enable us to produce recommendations that reflect the inner reality of your organization and project.


You could make substantial savings by reducing permanent staff for planning, market research, project analysis, and acquisition of resources by using us as needed temporarily.

Market Insights.

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