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    Here is an already drafted business plan for starting and operating a future sustainable cooking gas business.

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    Are you confusing about how to start a petrol station business in Tanzania?

    Here’s a sample business plan for starting, operating, and maintain a future sustainable petrol station.

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Do you stuck making decisions with incomplete information? Or are you confused what you need to do for a successful investment? Say no more. You have got what it takes to make it happen. Download a sample business plan today.

Our Services

We aim to grow with you by providing a solutions scale to suit your new operations and help you make tough decisions with confidence, reduce risks and give a high return on investment

We provide business planning, studies, consulting, and business development to the oil and gas market.

Studies and Reports

Are you stuck making decisions without all info?

We provide clarity through research, studies, and insight so you can make objective decisions steeped in data: it’s worth the investment or it isn’t, we found a new way forward or we didn’t.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Investment opportunity assessment: We assess their ability to achieve commercial success and provide high rates of return and early cash flow.
  • Market research
  • Bespoke research.
  • Location planning/site analysis
  • Engineering design studies.
  • Conduct  (EIA) Environmental impact assessment, evaluation, supervision, inspection, monitoring and management for clients projects and working sites . Through EIA clients are able to obtain EIA Certificate which is mandatory by law for any project or investment.

Business Plan Writing

Are you looking for capital to start or expand your business operations?

We write professional business plans that help entrepreneurs,

  • To formalize your thinking  about the business that you intend to start
  • To assist in raising capital from investors and banks

Business Development

We provide business development for locals in the supply chain for the project. Services include:

  • Access to qualified personnel: We deliver you the talent you need without the recruitment agency pricetag. We give you only worthwhile candidates that are worth your time to interview, so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Project coordination
  • Supplier/buyers sourcing &negotiation
  • Startup project management


My name is Hussein Boffu. I work with the project consulting firm, helping Entrepreneurs like you build something you are proud of. Faster, with less, to do more.



What Stakeholders Say About Us

The knowledge that Tanzania Petroleum offered to us has helped our company to supply equipment to Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. They are very knowledgeable about the oil and gas market. Tanzania Petroleum can give international companies the exposure and the knowledge they need in East Africa.

Partnering with Tanzania Petroleum was one of our strategic decisions that paid off, the mutual relationship saved us time and cost in engaging stakeholders in the East African oil and gas sector. In particular, it publicized and supported our conference, eased our relationships with stakeholders, speakers, regulatory authorities and logistics were professionally managed. Hussein Boffu, who is the petroleum advisor, is a goal getter.

Tanzania Petroleum is an important source of oil and gas information from East Africa and is vital to our business. We benefit from playing a part in their networking opportunities, which has allowed us to meet and engage with other oil and gas companies and business leaders.

Why We Can Help Build Something You’re Proud of?

Our in-depth specialized industry knowledge sets us apart.

Our experience, specialist knowledge and expertise help clients get to the correct answers and get to it more quickly than they would do without our help.

Our network of industry contacts is rock solid

We leverage our network and access of project consultants, industry experts, experienced engineers, and industry professionals, and business leaders to help clients make better decisions and execute their plans more effectively and efficiently.

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