• Are you frustrated by the lack of sufficient knowledge you need to aid your final decisions and move forward?

    We help you learn the requirements, proper procedures, and dynamics of the oil and gas business without wasting precious years.

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  • Get the knowledge You Need to reduce risk and achieve strategic growth in the oil and gas market.

    Here is an already drafted business plan for starting and operating a future sustainable cooking gas business.

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    We connect you with the right oil and gas opportunities

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    Are you confusing about how to start a petrol station business in Tanzania?

    Here’s a sample business plan for starting, operating, and maintain a future sustainable petrol station.

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Are you frustrated by the lack of sufficient knowledge you need to aid your final decisions and move forward? Or Are you confused by the lack of in-house specialized expertise, time, and resources to start a project on yourself? Say no more. We help you get to the correct solutions more quickly.Download a sample business plan today.

Our Services

Our goal is to achieve strategic growth with you by providing solutions scale to suit your new operation and help you reduce risk, and give a fair return on investment.

We provide strategic advice regarding Tanzania and the East African oil and gas market when decision-makers lack access to the knowledge or need access to critical expertise that their company doesn’t have before starting a project.

We do the work on behalf of our clients when they don’t have time, resources, or specialist knowledge to do it themselves. Our various services are research, market analysis, due commercial diligence, risk analysis, investment opportunities, business development, project feasibility studies.

Studies and Reports

No local or international investor should undertake a large investment project or major expansion without a clear understanding of the risks, challenges, costs, revenue, profitability, rate of return, payback period, manpower requirement, and regulatory requirements involved.

We give you fresh analysis to aid your final decisions. These include:

  • Identification of the right project for investment.
  • Feasibility Studies: We study profitability and viability of your project.
  • New Venture startup Business Plans: Receive bankable business plan for raising capital.’
  • Design Studies. We provide and review design of your project
  • Market research studies: We assess market potential of your project.
  • Reports and written analysis: Receive a concise deliverable with information.
  • Expansion business plans: Draw up business plan for entering new market of your choice in East Africa.
  • Market Report – Overall market Capex report summarizing past project activity and forecast of project activity by various sectors and regions.
  • Workload Analysis – Analysis of manpower requirements by project, by contractor, by country, and by sector. by identifying peaks and troughs in the market
  • Tiering Analysis – Segregation of projects that have a high likelihood of going ahead based on the economic situation and market knowledge
  • Market entry strategies.

Business Development Support

Solutions include:

  • Country operating procedures and documentation requirement
  • Entry and execution strategies to gain market share
  • Market intelligence and helping to size the market
  • Customer procurement habits
  • Competitive landscape and strategies
  • Partner identification, due diligence, introduction, and negotiation
  • Physical office setup and recruitment
  • Organizational structure and definition of world-class processes
  • Opportunity identification and business development support
  • Competency building to generate sustainable long-term success and competitive advantage.
  • Digital marketing: We help you using digital marketing  tactics(websites, social media, email blasting) to connect with decision makers and industry insiders in the region.

Project Services

  • Market Analysis – Trends, dynamics, and drivers of the market and its implications for projecting owners
  • Project Feasibility Study – Factors that affect the overall viability of the project.
  • Project Contracting Strategy – Most appropriate contracting strategies to develop a win-win scenario
  • Prequalification Support – Identify and develop critical evaluation criteria to shortlist contractors.
  • Project Benchmarking – Analyse best-practice project execution features to support world-class project development.
  • Project Risk Assessment – Assess market-related risks associated with projects.
  • Demand/Supply Analysis – Current market situation about essential construction commodities and services (e.g., steel, cement, Highly Consumable Goods (HCGs), Long Lead Items (LLIs), heavy equipment, labor, etc.)
  • Contractor Benchmarking – “Competency Fit for Purpose” and “Ability to Execute” benchmarking methodologies to identify the best-suited EPC contractors to execute the project.
  • Contractor/Subcontractor Due Diligence – Identify contractor/ subcontractor strengths/weaknesses in terms of capability, existing commitments, reputation on previous projects, and access to labor and suppliers. Conduct thorough due diligence on contractors to understand any financial risk or capability risk that they may pose to a project.
  • Labor Rates and Productivity – Track labor rate movements by discipline and the impact of project activity on productivity levels.


My name is Hussein Boffu. I work with the business development and consulting firm, which is the most agile strategic partner for growth in every step of your journey in the oil and gas industry.

What Stakeholders Say About Us

The knowledge that Tanzania Petroleum offered to us has helped our company to supply equipment to Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. They are very knowledgeable about the oil and gas market. Tanzania Petroleum can give international companies the exposure and the knowledge they need in East Africa.

Partnering with Tanzania Petroleum was one of our strategic decisions that paid off, the mutual relationship saved us time and cost in engaging stakeholders in the East African oil and gas sector. In particular, it publicized and supported our conference, eased our relationships with stakeholders, speakers, regulatory authorities and logistics were professionally managed. Hussein Boffu, who is the petroleum advisor, is a goal getter.

Tanzania Petroleum is an important source of oil and gas information from East Africa and is vital to our business. We benefit from playing a part in their networking opportunities, which has allowed us to meet and engage with other oil and gas companies and business leaders.

Why We can Help You?

Our in-depth specialized industry knowledge sets us apart.

Our experience, specialist knowledge and expertise help clients get to the correct answers and get to it more quickly than they would do without our help.

Our network of industry contacts is rock solid

We leverage our network and access of project consultants, industry experts, experienced engineers, and industry professionals, and business leaders to help clients make better decisions and execute their plans more effectively and efficiently.

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