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Tanzania Petroleum has helped us structure our energy sector project in Arusha providing well-informed analysis and the latest market trends. We benefitted a lot from their advice.

Tanzania Petroleum is an important source of oil and gas information from East Africa and is vital to our business. We benefit from playing a part in their networking opportunities, which has allowed us to meet and engage with other oil and gas companies and business leaders.

I have found Tanzania Petroleum to be a veritable fountain of information since when I first sought information about Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. Also, Tanzania Petroleum has a newsletter and a website that is arguably one of the international community’s first stops when considering investment in Tanzania.

The idea to start a petrol station was sparked by the insights from Tanzania PETROLEUM. 

 I diligently employed their guidance to establish my very own petrol station in Mwanza. Their unwavering support not only illuminated the path but also bestowed upon

me the confidence to proudly declare, “Here, I have built this.” This journey wouldn’t have been possible without their invaluable assistance.

Tanzania Petroleum is a reliable consultancy in Tanzania that has all the expertise related to the LPG sector. We feel privileged to be in touch with the TANZANIAPETROLEUM Consultants, as we have used their vast knowledge and awareness in the LPG field to make crucial decisions to enter the LPG sector of Tanzania. As an investor and considering the risk of exploring a new field, NIR made it easy for us by providing insights into the Tanzanian market. Using their market study, we had a broader understanding of the regulatory process and requirements to set up an LPG receiving and storage Facility at Dar es Salaam

We are delighted to offer our sincere appreciation for the outstanding quality of the preliminary Tanzania LPG market survey report. It was truly excellent, exceptionally comprehensive, and addressed all the essential points. Well done!

I had a great experience working with Tanzania Petroleum and their team. The financial projections project they developed for me was completed on time, the quality was amazing and the price was very reasonable. In fact, I look forward to our next opportunity so we can collaborate again.

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