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Have you ever dreamed of starting up your own project but are confused about where to start or what is involved? Or are you weighing the pros and cons of your new business project but don’t have time or staff to perform extensive research into all the factors involved? Say no more. We got you covered. Download a sample business plan today.

Spectrum of Services

We aim to grow with you by offering you technical support to carry out your project in Tanzania and East Africa. We provide business plan writing, feasibility studies, pre-feasibility report writing, and project supervision.

Project Profiles and Pre-feasibility Reports

We prepare project profiles and pre-feasibility reports of our own as well as on specific requests from clients for identification of project ideas, selection of projects, and taking investment decisions. These are feasibility reports wherein lists and steps and procedures to obtain licenses and permits to setup project, list of equipment and machinery, sources of their supply, the requirement of raw materials, cost of projects, means of finance, working capital requirement, manpower requirement, and profitability aspect of the projects are dealt in details.

Business Plans Writing

Prior to the start of any business, it is crucial to have a well-defined business draft a good business plan model. We provide the finest business plans that you can use to raise capital, plan projects, increase cash flow, improve operation and make  decisions.

Techno-economic and Detailed Project Report

This type of report seeks to discover  the technical as well as economic viability of the project. It ensures as  to whether project is technically feasible and economically viable  or not. Both aspects plays an important role  in setting up an industry


My name is Hussein Boffu. I work with an integrated technical project consultancy that helps entrepreneurs set up their projects so that they can successfully operate their projects and their companies, and earn as much money as they can.

What Stakeholders Say About Us

The knowledge that Tanzania Petroleum offered to us has helped our company to supply equipment to Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. They are very knowledgeable about the oil and gas market. Tanzania Petroleum can give international companies the exposure and the knowledge they need in East Africa.

Partnering with Tanzania Petroleum was one of our strategic decisions that paid off, the mutual relationship saved us time and cost in engaging stakeholders in the East African oil and gas sector. In particular, it publicized and supported our conference, eased our relationships with stakeholders, speakers, regulatory authorities and logistics were professionally managed. Hussein Boffu, who is the petroleum advisor, is a goal getter.

Tanzania Petroleum is an important source of oil and gas information from East Africa and is vital to our business. We benefit from playing a part in their networking opportunities, which has allowed us to meet and engage with other oil and gas companies and business leaders.

Why We Can Assist You?

Immense Experience

Our long experience in project consultancy and in market research field, helps you learn in two hours what took us years to discover. So, you are not just buy our services, you are paying for our research and our experience.

Authentic and reliable Sources

We use reliable and authentic sources to ensure business precision. We also leverage our network of engineers, project consultants, researchers, financial planners to catalyze your business growth.

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