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Have you ever thought about starting to do something different in your life? Are you looking for expansion into a growing and profitable business area? Have you decided to start a new project but finding resources eat up a lot of your time? Or are you stuck to raising capital? Say no more. There’s help. Download a sample business plan today.

Scope of Services

We provide opportunity evaluation, business planning, and resources acquisitions to equip entrepreneurs to succeed. Here’s our services

Pre-feasibility Reports/Viability Report/Feasibility Study

We conduct feasibility study, pre-investment studies and develop pre-feasibility reports  to help you reduce risks and for the successful building and operation of your business venture and project.

Business Plan Development

We develop business plans that help innovative professionals win capital. And for the successful building and operation of their businesses.

Market Research Report,

We help entrepreneurs like you research new markets and opportunities to ensure you understand all the risks and whether the market is going to be sustainable in the future.

Business opportunity evaluation

Starting a new project involves many risks. Yet project risks can be reduced to a tolerable level by selecting the right project opportunity. We help people select winning opportunities and run away from losing opportunities

Site selection study and site potentiality assessment.

Petrol stations are vulnerable to closure due to fuel price competition, regulatory pressure, and non-strategic location. We conduct site suitability assessments using traffic volume observation techniques to determine the likelihood of success for petrol station operation. And then we put out a detailed report that you can use to make smart investment decisions.

Market analysis study

We conduct market analysis based on acquisition, searching for reliable suppliers and equipment


My name is Hussein Boffu. I work with an integrated consultancy helps African entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

What Stakeholders Say About Us

The knowledge that Tanzania Petroleum offered to us has helped our company to supply equipment to Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. They are very knowledgeable about the oil and gas market. Tanzania Petroleum can give international companies the exposure and the knowledge they need in East Africa.

Partnering with Tanzania Petroleum was one of our strategic decisions that paid off, the mutual relationship saved us time and cost in engaging stakeholders in the East African oil and gas sector. In particular, it publicized and supported our conference, eased our relationships with stakeholders, speakers, regulatory authorities and logistics were professionally managed. Hussein Boffu, who is the petroleum advisor, is a goal getter.

Tanzania Petroleum is an important source of oil and gas information from East Africa and is vital to our business. We benefit from playing a part in their networking opportunities, which has allowed us to meet and engage with other oil and gas companies and business leaders.

I have found Tanzania Petroleum to be a veritable fountain of information since when I first sought information about Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. Also, Tanzania Petroleum has a newsletter and a website that is arguably one of the international community’s first stops when considering investment in Tanzania.

Why We Can Help You

A better industry knowledge, experience, and understanding of local conditions

We utilize our in-depth knowledge of the local market, specialized knowledge of the industry to help you achieve your business purpose in the most effective, efficient way possible

Wide Network of Industry Contacts

Our experience and relationships with numerous experience industry professionals allow us to tap a wide variety of resources  to help your job get done faster and more effectively.


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