Is this you?

You are an experienced entrepreneur who wants to capitalize on new business opportunities for growth and success.

You recognize the importance of proper planning.

However, you have too many financial questions that need to be answered, yet lack access to reliable information and knowledge.

And it’s not only important for you to know this yourself—these are questions that bankers and investors will want answered as well.

You understand that proper planning relies on facts and realities, not assumptions.

So, you are uncertain because you worry about risking your time and money on an opportunity that may actually have very little profit potential.

You also lack confidence in your decisions because they are not based on facts.

But the truth is, you want to make intelligent, well-thought-out risk and investment decisions. You want projects that bring you adequate profits.

The real question: Does this sound like your current, very frustrating situation?

Planning isn’t easy. If it were easy, all your competitors would do it. So, if you do it and they don’t, you have an advantage.

I am here to accelerate your transition from a ‘confused entrepreneur’ to a confident and empowered decision-maker for your projects and business.

Picture this: generating the profit you truly deserve, running a self-sustaining business that fills you with pride instead of shame.

Ready to grow?

We help entrepreneurs launch, build, and grow their projects and businesses in the energy sector.

Here is what we cover:

1. Market research
2. Feasibility study
3. Business planning
4. Due diligence
5. Consultancy

Ready to take the next step?

Reach out to me, and let’s discuss what you want to build. With my network of experts and your vision, we can create something great together.

Tanzania Petroleum is your most reliable consultancy, helping you build something you can be proud of.

Whether it’s a project, business, or strategy, our goal is to assist you in creating something that matters – something that impresses your customers, lenders, partners, regulators, even your community and spouse.

Whatever the scale, we love to be part of the process so that when others look at what you have accomplished, they say, ‘Yes, you did that.'”