About Hussein

I started to look deep into the oil and gas market five years ago after completing my petroleum Geosciences studies.

I was curious at everything about the oil and gas market and constantly asking questions. I read everything I could find, went to events, visit agencies and speak to any industry expert that would talk to me. I was constantly learning about the petroleum industry.

Soon I started to procure and supply equipment and tools to the oil and gas companies in Tanzania. And that even further my understanding of the oil and gas market.

I also began to host industry events and supported countless companies who wanted to create their own events in the oil and gas market in Tanzania and East Africa. Also, that further my network of industry experts.

And continuously expand the boundaries of what I know about the petroleum industry.

Along this journey, entrepreneurs and companies both local and internationally started to reach out to me for guidance and advice and gather my industry perspectives.

I was frustrated to see so many people need to evaluate market potential, make decisions or move projects forward. But they are stuck because they lack fast access to precise and relevant industry knowledge they need.

That motivated me to start an integrated project consultant firm. To provide entrepreneurs with on-demand access to the knowledge they need. And help them make the best decision and driving progress.

Because of that, I have helped numerous entrepreneurs to navigate the competitive oil and gas market by enabling them to access relevant and precise industry knowledge quickly and efficiently. Helping them sharpening their decision-making and driving progress quickly.

Why I do What I Do?

I am into it not for personal gain. I also don’t want to change the world.

The reason I work up every day in every morning is that I want to help those around me make progress.

I feel excited to impact human progress and spreading industry knowledge in Tanzania and Africa.

I want to make it faster and efficient for business people to access this specialized and professional knowledge.

I want to see every decision-maker is effortlessly tapping the industry knowledge. I want to inform the critical business decision in the industry.

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