The rising demand for energy in Tanzania and, by extension, Africa creates both opportunities and intense competition.

With increased competition, regulatory requirements, and technological disruption in the oil and gas (energy) sector, East African companies must acquire resources and adjust their operational systems to cope with the ever-changing environment to compete and grow.

But as managers are eager to see their enterprises achieve their objectives in the energy sector, they encounter numerous problems. They hardly have the time to appraise their performance and to plan their operations to copy the ever-changing environment. Where they have time, they are constrained by lack of competent personnel. Even when competent personnel is available, interruptions from routine work leads to unsatisfactory and inconclusive confusion.

How do you solve this problem? That’s where I come in.

I strive to connect African companies with the resources they need to ensure viable and successful projects or businesses in the oil and gas (energy) sector.

I believe when companies find the resources required to sustain their energy projects, they will perform excellently well and succeed. They will consequently create good jobs and fulfillment for Tanzanians and East Africans.

That’s why I love what I do. I envision a vibrant economy with equally competitive Tanzanian and African enterprises as their foreign counterparts.