About Hussein

When I was in college studying petroleum geoscience, I was unsure about my future. It was then, the oil and gas industry was on the decline, and nobody was hiring.

So, I searched for a fulfilling career to fill up my uncertainty. I spent countless hours studying and educating myself about alternative opportunities that I can pursue related to the oil and gas industry.

But I was confused to see there was no place where I could quickly learn and increase my oil and gas knowledge, intelligence and get fresh analysis to aid my final decision.

I spent hours searching for industry knowledge on the internet. I also tapped into my personal network. But the process was time-consuming and expensive. I ended up getting irrelevant and generic information.

After completing my petroleum studies, I was frustrated by job rejection letters. So, I had to decide either to go back to college to further learn or craft my edge in the demanding oil and gas job market.

 Along this journey, I met this man by the name Jackson Obi, General Manager, Of JACK-PAUL OIL AND GAS LIMITED, who show me  how me how develop relationship of trust with and proving my value to industry insider.

 I started to access decision-makers in Tanzania’s oil and gas companies and supplied equipment through his expertise.

 I also met Mark LaCour, founder at Oil and Gas Global Network, who shows me how to organize oil and gas events. 

This leads me to host the first Oil and Gas Happy hour event in Tanzania that help me connect with participants from Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, India, and UAE. And learn and connect with speakers state-owned oil companies TPDC, EWURA, etc.

 I remember Dr. El-Sayed Mostafa, the Gulf Getco Gulf Energy Company Limited director, who grant me exclusive rights as an independent petroleum consultant for his firm. This opportunity enrich my background and help me learn more about the oil and gas business.

The biggest l lesson I learned in this journey is that learning from the oil and gas experience of others is a key to accelerate growth in the industry.

Obtaining Oil and gas experience takes time, and the expensive mistakes made in this process can devastate your resources.

But learning from the oil and gas experience of others can save you money, time, lives and accelerate your business growth. 

 That’s what inspired me to start my own knowledge search and consulting business, connecting decision-makers with expert knowledge and intelligence. So that they can manage risk,  make better decisions, and achieve strategic growth in oil and gas.

 And that’s what I feel I have to do.