About Hussein

.My name is Hussein Boffu, helping entrepreneur like you building something you are proud of, has become the biggest fun for me.

Not long ago I graduated with petroleum geoscience studies. I was passionate about the oil and gas industry and my goal was to contribute my skill set to the oil and gas industry.

But I struggled to secure an entry-level job position in the oil and gas industry, I sent resumes to ten of the top oil and gas companies in Tanzania: Royal Dutch Shell, Equinor, Swala Energy, Pan African Energy, Baker Hughes, Total(generally any company I could think of).

I received ten rejection letters. I had no source of income. I had no job prospects. I felt frustrated and powerless. I didn’t what next step to take.

I decided to find an alternative way to live. I engaged in many entrepreneurial projects.

I started to market equipment to oil and gas companies in Tanzania. I hosted industry events. I engaged in event coordination in East Africa. I worked as an oil and gas mediator (link seller and buyer across the industry).

I worked as a representative of foreign companies in Tanzania. And I engaged in research and publication.

These projects have provided  me opportunity to gain a huge experience and expand my network with business leaders, engineers, consultants, professionals across the industry.

Along this journey opportunities to help people with pre-investment- information, data, business plans and access to trade and project investments ignite my journey toward the world of project consulting.

Here I am today.

By the grace of God, over the years I have contributed to the improved performance, efficiency, and profitability of hundreds of clients.

By our business plans, pre-feasibility reports, market research reports, and project consultancy services I have help hundreds of clients to accelerate plan, start, run,  invest and maximize return on investment.

Beside being used by investors and entrepreneurs, our publications are also used by professionals  including project engineers, consultants, researchers and project consulting firm as one of their input in their research. 

Why I would do what I do?

I found more and more people are struggling with my original questions-in a world of zero job security, intense competition, and ever-increasing financial pressure.

How can we guarantee success for ourselves and our family and our organizations?

The answer becomes increasingly obvious. We must actively create multiples ways of earning money through investment projects.

In doing so, we can turn, the new economy from a frustrating wasteland of lost opportunities into a thriving incubator for ourselves.
We create jobs for others and support continued economic development in our country.

Look at what is happening today: Even as the industries recovered gradually from the recent low oil prices and covid-19, More people looking for work still find themselves unable to secure jobs.

And those of us lucky enough to hold onto our jobs face pay cuts, benefits reductions, and longer hours, along with the unsettling feeling that the job could disappear at any moment

At the same time, life keeps getting more expensive. The price of food, gas, rents. News stories are filled with accounts of workers unable to find a job after a layoff.
That is why many professionals and entrepreneurs find an alternative way to live. They develop multiple ways of earning money through entrepreneurial pursuit.

Have you noticed? In your city, boutiques are empty, and some businesses are closing up.

Yet, economic activities are still going on.But what you will also notice, if you look hard and well, is that some businesses are also starting up.

So whether you are a graduate starting out looking for investment opportunities that allow you to take full advantage of your educations and potential, a professional facing stagnant wages want to give your income boost.

Or simply you are an investor aiming at diversifying in order to have another stream of income.

We want to grow with you by helping you reduce risks and develop another solid stream of income outside your primary business or your full-time job.