About Hussein

Hussein A. Boffu is the business development consultant at Tanzania Petroleum, full of unwavering focus and drive to propel the oil and gas industry forward.

In 2014, Tanzania Petroleum was founded by him, stemming from the frustration from lack or unavailability of information about the oil sector in Tanzania and, by extension, East Africa.

As of then, the aim of founding Tanzania Petroleum was to share best practices which would help Tanzanians and East Africans benefit from the opportunities across the oil and gas value chain.

From Being Employed Straight Out of College to the World of Management Consultancy

A lot has happened on this journey, most prominent of which are opportunities to help SMEs, start-ups, medium-sized companies and large organizations with planning, business plan writing, strategy consulting, guidance, market and business growth support and procurement.

The opportunities which, then, ignited his journey toward the world of management consulting.

He discovered that there is a huge and clear gap in the market for variants of consulting in the oil sector in Tanzania.

Whereas, many oil and gas consultancy firms offer various forms of services along the niche of engineering and project consultancy, _Tanzania Petroleum_ offers full management consultancy to support your business and help it grow in the upstream and the downstream sectors, to provide invaluable market and client intel, and give companies the extra and much needed focus on taking their business to a sustainable future.

Why Hussein?

At this point, Hussein has established an impressive profile in the upstream and the downstream oil and gas sector be working closely with world-class, distinguished and established industry leaders. He has worked with numerous individuals and organizations – local and international – helping them to position themselves to win  competition  for oil and gas industry-related opportunities.

Besides his strong technical and business background (and in Petroleum Geosciences), he has developed powerful relationships with key industry leaders through assignments, research, networking (hosting and managing oil and gas events) and projects since 2014.

He has undergone an exceptional self-growth and he is willing to learn more about new businesses, co-ordinate, run and generate values for the benefit of the oil and gas business communities.

Hussein, like other industry leaders with foresight, sees the demand for oil and gas products continue to rise in the region.

However, he believes that successfully opening and running a business in the oil and gas industry requires strategic planning as well as significant investment.

Fortunately, a properly written oil and gas business plan can guide you in raising the needed capital for implementing contracts and projects.

It will also act as a roadmap to your business objectives upon entering the oil and gas sector in Tanzania and East Africa.

At TP, we offer a range of services including strategy consulting, business plan writing, market data and intelligence etc.

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In all, Hussein believes that each step he takes helps to make products, services and competence available for the benefit of shareholders in the industry.

Hussein cordially welcomes you to Tanzania Petroleum.

Please, contact us for enquiries or send a mail to info@tanzaniapetroleum.com