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Oil and Gas industry is the most rewarding career rights out of the college, fresh graduates make way up $120,000 annually which is approximately 252,000,000 Tshs

But the recent globally oil cost drop has a dangerous Impact to Tanzanian students and Graduates who plan to bank six-figure starting earnings in the sector. Oil organizations are decreasing cost extensive range and layoffs have become part of our daily vocabulary

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Earlier last week The larger oil company( Schlumberger )which hire large share of Tanzanians exposed to cut 10,000 jobs which are similar to 25 percent of its workforce when you plus 34,000 jobs which have cut since the losing of oil price in June 2014

This is the terrible time for Tanzanian students and Graduates because most oil and gas organizations that employ large proportion of Tanzanian students are lately decreasing projects in respond to low oil expenses

And the most serious details are this, The duration of this oil prices downturn is still uncertain, financial professionals say it may proceed to continue to persist until 2017 and may be beyond
How Low Oil prices are dangerous to Tanzanian Graduate and student. Here’s how
International oil organizations especially service companies(such as Schlumberger, Bake Hughes Halliburton) are the one offer many jobs To Tanzanians than you have ever regarded possible. Unfortunately enough, in respond to low oil price, these firms has decreased applicant choice process. Why? Because they cut cost.

It hurts me to say that many Tanzanian Graduates who were in need of oil and gas jobs are currently roaming in the street anticipating at some point oil will recover.

On the opposite, Tanzanian students will be affected in regards to getting industrial practical training. Because many oil organizations would wait for around cost-effective commitment venture in Tanzania that will require much time to accomplish instead would go to accomplish projects that have less technological threat and it might take the more lightweight period of time.

Who would offer you in Mtwara for industrial practical training verifying problem no oil organization working there?

How To Carries on in now period of Low price:——My-Advice
Feel frustrated and puzzled, right?
Don’t worry you are in the most satisfying career. And this is the regular scenario  in this industry. I know how you feel when it comes to taking oil appropriate courses  in Tanzania colleges because I had been there,

Updates your Skills and knowledge
“Be hungry, be foolish” Steve jobs
Develop the habit of extended learning, take care of your self to learn new things about oil and gas market every day.

Don’t be satisfied with what you lecture or instructor has taught you at college.oil and gas market has an amazing array and in real you trainer won’t secure everything.

Take a time a day and learn about your career because you never know when a first interview would come

Keep customized with the latest news in the industry:
This would help to know the design of oil and gas sector, it would help you to know where there are new oil and gas opportunities.

And the best part is, In this information age you can know everything about the industry through your mobile devices.The Internet has achieved everything.

If you  don’t know where to look start by browsing around the following websites



Or be a part of this web page here to keep customized with newest details in the industry

Get in touch with Recruiting agency
In Tanzania, there are exclusive organizations that link job seeker with oil organizations.Make sure they have your resume.

And they will help you to land a job because they committed to do so

Look for position where you can help others even is unrelated to your field You will have a chance turn things around

Consider further studies
If you are diploma level proprietor consider going university for bachelor’s stage, The same for bachelor’s stage proprietor go for postgraduates

My last Word
If you are looking for a career, oil and gas industry are the best options, it give every you want: it gives you cash, training and not to carry up oversea visits. Never feel overwhelmed for the exclusive conditions. If oil and gas organizations are your attention, you will fight and win the battle

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