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Kijana Yunus Mtopa Ajinyakulia Kitita Cha Dola Elfu 5 Za Statoil Tanznia

Mshindi wa Shindano la Mashujaa wa Kesho lilihusisha vijana wenye umri kati ya miaka 18 na 25 kutoka mikoa ya Mtwara na Lindi, Yunus Omary Mtopa, akionekana ni mwenye furaha sana baada ya kujinyakulia kitita cha dola elfu 5, kwa kuonekana wazo lake la Biashara ya Miwa kuwa bora zaidi ya wenzake. Hafla ya shindano hilo ilifanyika mwishoni mwa wiki iliyopita, katika Hoteli ya Hyatt Regency, Jijini Dar es salaam.
Mwaka huu shindano hili lilivutia vijana zaidi ya 400 ambao waliwasilisha mawazo ya biashara zao zinazolenga sekta mbalimbali za uchumi kama kilimo, ufugaji, mawasiliano, na biashara nyingine ndogondogo. Vijana waliruhusiwa kushiriki mmoja mmoja au hata kuunda vikundi vya watu wawili mpaka watatu.
Jaji Mkuu katika Shindano la Mashujaa wa Kesho lilihusisha vijana wenye umri kati ya miaka 18 na 25 kutoka mikoa ya Mtwara na Lindi, Dkt. Neema Muro, akitoa maelezo mafupi ya washiriki wa shindano hilo kabla ya kumtangaza mshindi.
Sehemu ya Wageni mbali mbali waliohudhulia hafla hiyo, wakiwa makini kumsikiliza jina la Mshindi wa Shindano la Mashujaa wa Kesho lilihusisha vijana wenye umri kati ya miaka 18 na 25 kutoka mikoa ya Mtwara na Lindi, katika hafla iliyofanyika mwishoni mwa wiki iliyopita, katika Hoteli ya Hyatt Regency, Jijini Dar es salaam.
Mgeni rasmi katika Hafla ya kumtangaza Mshindi wa Shindano la Mashujaa wa Kesho lilihusisha vijana wenye umri kati ya miaka 18 na 25 kutoka mikoa ya Mtwara na Lindi, Katibu Mtendaji wa Baraza la Taifa la Uwezeshaji Wananchi Kiuchumi (NEEC), Bengi Issa, akikabidhi mfano wa hundi kwa Mshindi wa Shindano hilo, Yunus Omary Mtopa.
Mgeni rasmi katika Hafla ya kumtangaza Mshindi wa Shindano la Mashujaa wa Kesho lilihusisha vijana wenye umri kati ya miaka 18 na 25 kutoka mikoa ya Mtwara na Lindi, Katibu Mtendaji wa Baraza la Taifa la Uwezeshaji Wananchi Kiuchumi (NEEC), Bengi Issa (wa nne kulia), Balozi wa Norway nchini Tanzania, Hanna-Marie Kaarstad (wa pili kushoto), Meneja Mkazi wa Kampuni ya Statoil Tanzania, Øystein Michelsen (shoto) wakiwa katika picha na washiriki wa shindano hilo.

Join Other Tanzanians Who Are Enjoying Studying Petroleum Courses Abroad

With the abundant petroleum resources across the country  and rising demand for it, the country needs high caliber Local petroleum professionals  to develop and manage our new found resources wealth.

So if you’re looking for profitable and rewarding career, Oil and gas  Industry is a wise choice.

Pursuing your education in this field can quickly land you in a high paying and rewarding position that helps you make the most of your talents and your life.

When you graduate from an accredited university  in the domain of petroleum, you walk away ready to find the highest median starting salary of any other courses that’s available anywhere.

Here’s thing: Oil industry is always looking for intelligent and capable individuals.To make it happen you need to graduate in the university that  put quality education first.

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In other words: Their  curriculum must  meet  what the   oil and gas companies need.

The good news?

Below I put the detailed information  of one of overseas universities that many Tanzanians are taking petroleum related courses. Look at basic information  and see how  you can join the professions for yourself

Here’re the Links  [University Information – Liaoning Shihua University (LSU) (3)]

[Application Form for International Student (3)]

But wait: “Training is expensive. Books are expensive. All learning is expensive. BUT BEING                                              IGNORANT about Learning! is still much more expensive.”Larry Winget


Hussein Boffu

Graduate In Petroleum Geoscience


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Solo Oil signs SPA for Kiliwani North, Tanzania

Solo Oil has concluded a deal with Aminex plc to acquire a further 3.825 percent interest in Tanzania’s Kiliwani North Development License for a total cash consideration of $2.16 million. As part of the agreement, Solo’s interest will increase through three payment tranches to Aminex, linked to project milestones, for the total agreed cash consideration.

An initial investment of $566,802 for an additional one percent interest was made upon the signature of the Sale and Purchase Agreement, increasing Solo’s total interest from 6.175 percent to 7.175 percent.

A second investment of $708,502 for a further 1.25 percent interest will be made within 15 days of the first US dollar payment being received for gas from Kiliwani North-1. Solo’s total interest will increase to 8.425 following this transaction and a third payment of $892,712 will be made for the final 1.575 percent interest within 15 days of the commercial operations date being declared, taking Solo’s total and final interest to 10 percent.

If any payment is missed then that payment option, and only that option, will be automatically cancelled. Payment of the second and third investments will require further funding from cash flow or otherwise to be arranged by Solo. The KN-1 well, which is ready to begin production, has been ascribed gross contingent resources (2C) of gross 28 billion cubic feet by LR Senergy and Solo expects to book reserves from the well by year-end.

Solo Oil Chairman Neil Ritson commented in a company statement: “Solo is delighted to increase its exposure to the KNDL project with commencement of production imminent. The project offers a revenue stream that will increase through the commissioning process and into commercial production under the GSA which has take-or-pay provisions and is paid in US dollars guaranteed by a consortium of banks. By linking the acquisition of our additional interest to project milestones we have been able to further de-risk the investment.” –

Tanzania:Oil Down, Opportunities Are Up



The oil price has been falling since  June 2014. And it continues to hit new bottom every day.

Recent global oil price drop   sign several years of $ 100 per barrel which has led to massive oil production coming online  and supply exceed demand. The low demand is the result of the slowdown in  China’s  economic  activities .And rapid increase in a number of shale wells in the US thanks to  technology’s improvement.

The price slump  hurt exporting countries but for Tanzania as an importer, it  brings prosperity.

In the positive sense,

Cheap price  minimizes the living costs. And  Tanzanians are more likely to use  kerosene, diesel and cooking  gas in place of firewood and charcoal that are popular with low-income earners.

However, it  reduces  transportation costs. Less costly  foods.  And low living costs for average Tanzanians.

Most importantly, production costs decrease. Many people available globally at low  costs than ever. Pipelines firms are in need of work. Major construction organizations  have little tasks.So the project should get low investment  costs than similar projects from 2-3 years in the past.

In the context of low price, upstream activities are decreased and there’ll be easy availability of  drilling rigs  and other supporting activities with cheap costs.


In the negative side.

Undermine investment: Exploration  and production companies cut  costs range. So, going into the new finding works won’t be of interest in their strategy. And they’ll  be wanting to postpone important investment project, which will take years to show valuable earnings.  If the project has a risk, It might be better to get the same cash in a known project field, than try to create in a new, unknown field  with lots of business risks.

However, some exploration and production companies  such as BG and Swala energy claim that the drop in costs is a short-term issue and won’t considerably impact their  investment plan in Tanzania.

Australia based  oil and gas exploration firm  (Swala energy) lately stated that it’ll continue with its exploration projects across Tanzania in 2016 despite the fall in oil price. Also low-level prices are damaging Tanzanian  Graduates who strategy career in oil and gas sector. Sadly,  Tanzanians  get laid off as the  oil firm’s strategies  to deal with a price drop.


The price has fallen dramatically and some supply  will go off-line finishing the gap until the price improves again. But the time of that process is incredibly uncertain and is expected  to persist in 2016 and maybe beyond. But for policymakers in Tanzania, the fall in oil price provides a period to execute economic plan and structural changes as well as finance social program.

Hussein Boffu

Graduate In Petroleum Geoscience


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How To Start Oil and Gas Business In Tanzania With No Money


Has this happened to You?

You’re  oil and gas wealth seeker.  And  you want to make a living doing oil and  gas business  in Tanzania.

But no capital at all, no contacts. So you wonder how you can start  a business and make a success of it?

people (Include me ) tells you  hundred  of dollars are made regularly in the oil and gas business. And you want to  swell your bank account every day with huge cash.

But  limited capital  makes you feel too down to profit from the oil and gas sector.

Sadly, people might led you to believe that oil and gas business is only for BIG BOYS with huge financial muscle. But in reality, it doesn’t work that way.

I know the feeling,

Many  people face the same struggle.Capital  and know how are the  popular obstacles  many Tanzanians face starting a business in the oil and gas sector.

But what if told you can start oil and gas business with almost nothing?

What if I confidently tell you there’s  smart way to profit with our new found resources and become parts of the natural gas boom?

All you need to do so is Idea,  concept, material,  technology or procedure  that  fix the specific problem in the oil and gas market.

Sounds impossible, right? Let’s dig little deeper.

Oil and gas companies struggle with stiff competitions. They compete with each other. Oil companies need to make the operation run more smoothly and safer. They are keen to attract new clients,

They want to cut costs. Obviously, they are eager to get a job done better and faster with solid return

However, they know that many average people outside there, have a brilliant ideas or new material or new procedures that help them to improve and address competition.

And you know what?

They’ve groups that travel the world  over to look for anyone, entrepreneurs, and start-up with ideas or material to sponsor for business. And they invest billions of dollars in your  ideas or concept

And the best part?

 Oil firms give you money. They give you research. Needless to say, training and scientists to help your business or idea grow.

Imagine for a moment. You run a small business. Or an entrepreneur  or  you just have  an idea. And multinational oil and gas  company realize your idea could impact their business. So they enter into partnership with you.

And funds you millions of dollars to develop it. Sounds good?  Yes, you move from zero to hero sometimes overnight.

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List of  oil companies that are willing to invest in you.

Here’re the oil and gas firms that invest in your idea, capabilities even technology:

  1. Shell- its group called Shell technology venture
  2. Halliburton —–Its  group called Technology R&D Group
  3. Baker Hughes—–its group called centers for technology and innovation
  4. Chevron——- its group called Chevron venture capital
  5. Exxon Mobil its group called: Exxon Research and Development and Exxon’s capital investment

You Want to tap these opportunities?  Here’re all you have to do

If you’ve ideas that will improve existing product or services in oil firms? Or you bring new process and technology  in the market.

It’s worthwhile  to get in touch with one of above mentioned oil companies. And the best way to go a

bout this is to do the quick search  on google and tell them what you’ll  offer.

 What’s stopping You?

So what are you waiting  for? You’re just leaving  money on the  table, you  can start at zero and grow big in oil and gas sector in Tanzania. I’m ready are You?

I’d love to know your  thought, Good luck and let me know.


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List Of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies In Tanzania






Looking for Oil and Gas Companies In Tanzania? Below are List of International Oil Companies taking part in searching and extraction  of oil and gas In Tanzania.











P cont.



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4 Reasons Tanzanians Must Use Recruitment Agencies To Land Their Dream Oil and Gas Jobs


To get oil and gas jobs under current environment is not simple assignment as the oil and gas companies cut the budget in response to low oil prices.

Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for jobs in Tanzanian oil and gas sector, don’t lose hope as the oil and gas sector is offer opportunities for career advancement also getting a charge out of high bundle for your exertion

Is the time  to narrow your hunt with help of recruitment firms

The greater part of us when we consider oil and gas employments we begin to reach the particular company.But these days numerous oil and gas organizations, when they touch base in Tanzania, are outsourcing recruiting procedure to hiring  firms.Why are oil companies so doing?

Because they would prefer not to waste time on enrolling on the grounds that they need to complete projects  quicker and well.

As the Tanzania local content policy requires them to hire local people so with the help of recruiting firms is simple to pull in a local force with aptitudes they require.

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Here’re the reasons you must use hiring firms to get oil and gas jobs

1: Most oil and gas jobs never advertised anywhere
Whenever Statoil or BG come in Tanzania, they don’t know where to get neighborhood workforce, what they do? They get in touch  with enrolling firm, they give them the capability of specialists they need. Furthermore, the recruitment office searches for individuals with such qualities to fill the post

2:They make benefit by offering you Jobs

Numerous individuals think about how recruitment organizations make a benefit, as a general rule, these firms  make the colossal benefit on the off chance that they convey a substantial number of laborers to the oil organizations. Since they need to make benefit they strive to search for oil and gas organizations that are in desperate interest with representative

3:They work with  many oil and gas companies

Hiring firms manage numerous oil organizations, this makes it simple for you instead of applying specifically to the organization in light of the fact that on the off chance that you miss occupations in one organization you get in another. Also, they conscious of empty position accessible in the industry.

4:Offer extensive variety of work

Hiring organizations would help you to arrive either internship permanent, or temporary job since they get request from their customers

Which are Recruitment organizations to reach

For Tanzania, we have two recruiting firms committed themselves to link Tanzanians with oil and gas employers

Radar Recruitment Firm

Proactive solution

In the event that you are job seeker and you strategy career in the oil and gas industry, I recommend you to stay in contact with hiring firms. Resolve yourself to visit their website and guarantee that your resumesAre accessible in their database.
 Final Word
If you are job seeker and you plan career in the oil and gas industries, make sure you stay in touch with recruitment firms, resolve yourself to visit website of recruitment agencies and ensure that your resumes
Are available in their database.

 Dear reader i love to hear from you, In case  you have opinion do not hesitate to reach me through


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Tullow Oil Gives Kenya’s Oil and Gas Industry $ 150 Million Development Boost


A worker at the Ngamia 1 oil rig in Turkana County

                    A worker at the Ngamia 1 oil rig in Turkana County

Kenya’s oil and gas industry received a boost after explorer Tullow Oil said it would spend part of the Sh15 billion ($150 million) earmarked for the region on local development, even as the firm reported losses.


Tullow Oil said Kenya and Uganda would benefit from the expenditure, which includes coming up with a plan on how resources in the two countries can best be developed into sellable commodities.

“The draft Field Development Plan was submitted to the government of Kenya in December and will inform discussions as we progress towards potential Final Investment Decision (FID) of both the Kenya and Uganda upstream development projects in 2017,” said the company when it released its end of year results.

Tullow reported losses of Sh102 billion ($1 billion) after tax for 2015 which is an improvement from a loss of Sh158 billion ($1.55 billion) posted the year before.

The falling price of oil on the international market has been the biggest contributor to the loss.

Oil prices are at the $30 (Sh3,052) per barrel level, which is a 12-year low and has discouraged investment in exploring new territories.

Currently Tullow is drilling the Cheptuket-1 well in Kerio Valley which should be completed by February as it works on how best to utilise its other resources.

In August last year the Kenyan and Ugandan governments agreed that a pipeline would be best suited to transport oil from northern Uganda and Tullow said concerned ministries in both countries are working on the development plan.

“These conditions, which include ensuring that this is the lowest cost route, are being worked on by both governments in conjunction with the Kenyan and Uganda upstream parties,” said the explorer.

Last year, oil firms in Uganda led by Total hinted that they preferred a pipeline going through Tanzania to one going through northern Kenya.

Tullow’s partner Africa Oil is also optimistic that prices of the crucial commodity will improve and has been raising funds for further exploration on its northern Kenya and Ethiopia blocks.

“We are very pleased to have completed the Kenyan portion of our farm-out to Maersk. We feel Maersk will be an excellent partner in terms of technical and financial strength and experience critical to moving the development project forward.

“This transaction puts Africa Oil in the enviable position of not requiring any additional equity financing prior to first oil and will allow us to weather the current difficult oil price environment should it continue into 2016,” said Africa Oil chief executive Keith Hill after the firm completed selling part of its interest to Maersk.

Africa Oil received $427 million (Sh44 billion) from Maersk after selling its stakes on its northern Kenya and Ethiopia blocks.

Oil price falls below $ 30:Is there Hope for Tanzanian Graduates and Students?

Workers on steps at chemical plant

Oil and Gas industry is the most rewarding career rights out of the college, fresh graduates make way up $120,000 annually which is approximately 252,000,000 Tshs

But the recent globally oil cost drop has a dangerous Impact to Tanzanian students and Graduates who plan to bank six-figure starting earnings in the sector. Oil organizations are decreasing cost extensive range and layoffs have become part of our daily vocabulary

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Earlier last week The larger oil company( Schlumberger )which hire large share of Tanzanians exposed to cut 10,000 jobs which are similar to 25 percent of its workforce when you plus 34,000 jobs which have cut since the losing of oil price in June 2014

This is the terrible time for Tanzanian students and Graduates because most oil and gas organizations that employ large proportion of Tanzanian students are lately decreasing projects in respond to low oil expenses

And the most serious details are this, The duration of this oil prices downturn is still uncertain, financial professionals say it may proceed to continue to persist until 2017 and may be beyond
How Low Oil prices are dangerous to Tanzanian Graduate and student. Here’s how
International oil organizations especially service companies(such as Schlumberger, Bake Hughes Halliburton) are the one offer many jobs To Tanzanians than you have ever regarded possible. Unfortunately enough, in respond to low oil price, these firms has decreased applicant choice process. Why? Because they cut cost.

It hurts me to say that many Tanzanian Graduates who were in need of oil and gas jobs are currently roaming in the street anticipating at some point oil will recover.

On the opposite, Tanzanian students will be affected in regards to getting industrial practical training. Because many oil organizations would wait for around cost-effective commitment venture in Tanzania that will require much time to accomplish instead would go to accomplish projects that have less technological threat and it might take the more lightweight period of time.

Who would offer you in Mtwara for industrial practical training verifying problem no oil organization working there?

How To Carries on in now period of Low price:——My-Advice
Feel frustrated and puzzled, right?
Don’t worry you are in the most satisfying career. And this is the regular scenario  in this industry. I know how you feel when it comes to taking oil appropriate courses  in Tanzania colleges because I had been there,

Updates your Skills and knowledge
“Be hungry, be foolish” Steve jobs
Develop the habit of extended learning, take care of your self to learn new things about oil and gas market every day.

Don’t be satisfied with what you lecture or instructor has taught you at college.oil and gas market has an amazing array and in real you trainer won’t secure everything.

Take a time a day and learn about your career because you never know when a first interview would come

Keep customized with the latest news in the industry:
This would help to know the design of oil and gas sector, it would help you to know where there are new oil and gas opportunities.

And the best part is, In this information age you can know everything about the industry through your mobile devices.The Internet has achieved everything.

If you  don’t know where to look start by browsing around the following websites



Or be a part of this web page here to keep customized with newest details in the industry

Get in touch with Recruiting agency
In Tanzania, there are exclusive organizations that link job seeker with oil organizations.Make sure they have your resume.

And they will help you to land a job because they committed to do so

Look for position where you can help others even is unrelated to your field You will have a chance turn things around

Consider further studies
If you are diploma level proprietor consider going university for bachelor’s stage, The same for bachelor’s stage proprietor go for postgraduates

My last Word
If you are looking for a career, oil and gas industry are the best options, it give every you want: it gives you cash, training and not to carry up oversea visits. Never feel overwhelmed for the exclusive conditions. If oil and gas organizations are your attention, you will fight and win the battle

Hussein Boffu


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How to have Successful Career in Petroleum Industry




Have you seen some employee in oil and gas industry  are happier day to day, moving from one position to another, and are promoted faster than others, more productive more fulfilled than others? While others are filled with angry and frustrations. What makes this difference?  Is it Kismet or Kind of  fate?

So to day i will share with you three simple secret that will make you more happier and more successful in your career in oil and gas industry


  1. Have open mind and be willing to learn.

You should develop the habit of lifelong learning,  one of common habit that destroy career of many employee in petroleum industry is to stop   learning immediately after getting the job offer. The industry is very diverse no  matter   what the degree or background you should develop the habit of continuous  learning in order to be among of the most respected and successful person in your job or career.



  1. Understand your company or industry and what role you can play

You must be aware of challenges and problem that face  industry  and thinking on finding  a means you can solve those problems. If you demonstrate interest, passion and great attitude in getting involved, this will assist you to be promoted faster than others who keep on waiting for luck to struck them.




  1. Network with professionals in the oil and gas industry.

Attend every seminars and conferences relating to oil and gas industry where you can meet professionals from different industry. And this tip is work more for students and other job seeker where can start getting contacts to see where you would like to apply and having successful career. You should find upcoming events in the site like Tanzaniapetroleum.com or other sites


Those tips I mention above are very simple to apply but it need a lot of commitment.


Good luck in your successful career in oil and gas industry