Oil refinery at twilight

In 1969, God sent his angel to convey a special message to the people of Tanzania.

Think what? That message was simple: The foundation of Tanzania Petroleum development corporation(TPDC) and its partners include AGIP, Shell

In 1974 Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli – General Italian Oil Company(AGIP) broke the news of natural gas discovery in the songo Songo field  .

But it was not yet until 30 years when the little  gas production began at songo songs field in Lindi region

Since then, Tanzanians were waiting for the sweetie to drip onto their  tongues.

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Yet, the key inquiry are how do Tanzanians get arranged for forthcoming huge gas production which is relied upon to start no less than 2025 so as to benefit from their newly discovered resources?

What’s more, how do Tanzanians get prepared to use boundless opportunities when the LNG ventures finish and begin sending out liquefied natural gas to the Asian market

The issue we Tanzanians (include me) we are generally overlook the long term investment since we are willing for quick results


Utilizing Opportunities in Oil and Gas Sector

Tanzanian oil and gas industry have an expansive scope of opportunities to its Citizens, Not to talk when the time of  producing gas begin where a  lot of investors would be swarming to our country

The new petroleum act of 2015 requires all investors to use locally produced products and as happens in these products do not exist then enter a joint venture with local companies in order to provide the required services.

The law states that the joint venture should give seed is not limiting participation 25%. This is an opportunity for Tanzanian and should be utilized

Final Thought

If we want to be part of the natural gas boom, we should start by utilizing the opportunities accessible in the sector. Up to the time production begins we could be in the great position

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