How To Start Oil and Gas Business In Tanzania With No Money


Has this happened to You?

You’re  oil and gas wealth seeker.  And  you want to make a living doing oil and  gas business  in Tanzania.

But no capital at all, no contacts. So you wonder how you can start  a business and make a success of it?

people (Include me ) tells you  hundred  of dollars are made regularly in the oil and gas business. And you want to  swell your bank account every day with huge cash.

But  limited capital  makes you feel too down to profit from the oil and gas sector.

Sadly, people might led you to believe that oil and gas business is only for BIG BOYS with huge financial muscle. But in reality, it doesn’t work that way.

I know the feeling,

Many  people face the same struggle.Capital  and know how are the  popular obstacles  many Tanzanians face starting a business in the oil and gas sector.

But what if told you can start oil and gas business with almost nothing?

What if I confidently tell you there’s  smart way to profit with our new found resources and become parts of the natural gas boom?

All you need to do so is Idea,  concept, material,  technology or procedure  that  fix the specific problem in the oil and gas market.

Sounds impossible, right? Let’s dig little deeper.

Oil and gas companies struggle with stiff competitions. They compete with each other. Oil companies need to make the operation run more smoothly and safer. They are keen to attract new clients,

They want to cut costs. Obviously, they are eager to get a job done better and faster with solid return

However, they know that many average people outside there, have a brilliant ideas or new material or new procedures that help them to improve and address competition.

And you know what?

They’ve groups that travel the world  over to look for anyone, entrepreneurs, and start-up with ideas or material to sponsor for business. And they invest billions of dollars in your  ideas or concept

And the best part?

 Oil firms give you money. They give you research. Needless to say, training and scientists to help your business or idea grow.

Imagine for a moment. You run a small business. Or an entrepreneur  or  you just have  an idea. And multinational oil and gas  company realize your idea could impact their business. So they enter into partnership with you.

And funds you millions of dollars to develop it. Sounds good?  Yes, you move from zero to hero sometimes overnight.

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List of  oil companies that are willing to invest in you.

Here’re the oil and gas firms that invest in your idea, capabilities even technology:

  1. Shell- its group called Shell technology venture
  2. Halliburton —–Its  group called Technology R&D Group
  3. Baker Hughes—–its group called centers for technology and innovation
  4. Chevron——- its group called Chevron venture capital
  5. Exxon Mobil its group called: Exxon Research and Development and Exxon’s capital investment

You Want to tap these opportunities?  Here’re all you have to do

If you’ve ideas that will improve existing product or services in oil firms? Or you bring new process and technology  in the market.

It’s worthwhile  to get in touch with one of above mentioned oil companies. And the best way to go a

bout this is to do the quick search  on google and tell them what you’ll  offer.

 What’s stopping You?

So what are you waiting  for? You’re just leaving  money on the  table, you  can start at zero and grow big in oil and gas sector in Tanzania. I’m ready are You?

I’d love to know your  thought, Good luck and let me know.

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