Lets me telling  you one thing my friend, petroleum industries is very complex industry, it has up and  down, it has a lot of challenges, before you decide to look for job in this industry or starting your own business you must be aware of those challenges that face industry in order to know how you can handle them.

Both services companies and operators have been laid off their workers in order to cope with low level price due to falling of oil prices.

Layoffs increase day after day, up to this time worldwide  nearly  179,000 oil and gas workers have lost their jobs in response to low oil prices this is according to findings  conducted by energy recruiter swift worldwide resources.

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On top of thousands of layoff already announced this year the layoff   are still increasing and bad news is that oil companies still cut up jobs. For example   Halliburton,  one of the largest service provider have slashed 14,000 jobs  and also company plan to cut more jobs including  management position in North America where the crude slump has been particularly brutal.


Since  Low oil prices are harsh realities that can not be avoided as the nature of business also layoff is inevitable in oil companies in this period of low crude prices


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