You Know most of Tanzania citizens believe that, commercial production of  liquefied of natural gas has already started in Tanzania and they think  government  and investors (operators)  gaining revenues from it.

Findings from  Twaweza  organization has  shown that 53 percents of citizens of Tanzania  believe  that , gas is already flowing and government generate money from it. This is absolutely wrong.  And to day   i will  give you some useful information and clear up this misconception.

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The gas which has been discovered in coast of Tanzania has never yet started to flow , there is  possibility of  2025  for the gas to start to flow. The government will begin to gain revenues after the gas has started  flowing  in  commercial basis in 2025. Currently, SongoSongo gas field, is the only commercial field that produce gas, and this  gas is sold by songas limited which used to provide  portion of  Tanzanias’electricity.


Is the time now, to set up a special program that  would  aim at managing  citizen expectation  on natural gas and provide to them  right information regarding  to oil and gas industry,other wise  things would be worse.

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