How Much Longer Will Oil and Gas Company Jobs Remain Hot In Tanzania

how much will oil and gas jobs take longer

Since 2012 many Tanzanians have been recruited by international oil firms.
But right now Oil prices are down, layoffs are still widespread Oil jobs keep falling. And oilfield employees have to find an alternative source of income to survive.

A degree in engineering disciplines was a ticket for lucrative oil and gas jobs. Several Tanzanian graduates were actively absorbed by oil and gas firms. . But now they stop hiring process.

Sadly, oil and gas companies shut down projects that have technical and political risk to adapt the low prices

The question is how do you expect the oil jobs to remain hot in Tanzania. Is it time for career diversification? Can oil and gas create more jobs and bring hope to present and future generation
The answer boils down this.

Abundant Tanzania’s gas has found in the deep sea, More oil rig installation, supertankers, and aircraft tend to come online to bring gas from the ground.

A government strategy to build a Liquefied natural Gas (LNG) plant in Lind region. Think what?
The sector will attract many talents. They should hire you to function Rig facilities, in addition, run machines and equipment in the place.

Don’t forget supportive industries such as pipeline and drilling companies
No jobs? Don’t make me laugh. There would be plenty of them yet not for everybody because of the oil and gas investment characteristics

Find who to get in touch with, not every oil jobs are posted in the online portal. Yes, you won’t see them on google, or Ajira

the more contact you have the more you land your best-fit
update skills and add value to your resume because low oil price might persist until 2017, you might land long term jobs when oil goes up. In other words, forget about
IT and Business Administration. Gas is King

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