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So many people think that the oil and gas sector is for the bigwigs only.

When they think about “oil and gas,” countries like The United States, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, etc. comes to mind.

When they think about “oil and gas,” the picture below comes to mind: long pipes lined parallel to each other, taking right-angle left and right turns, storage tanks littering a vast area of land, and drilling machines puffing red flame and black smoke into the sky.

When they think about “oil and gas,” they think you have to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and have the right connection. I mean, we’re talking about world powers.

But that’s not all true.

The oil and gas sector is like any other sector. It has:

  • …its own market forces.
  • …high and low sub-sectors.
  • …related and supporting sectors.

For a long time, I’ve seen businessmen miss out huge deals and contracts in the oil and gas industry because of the lack of  useful information.


So, I decided to start sharing information about the oil and gas sector for our readers to act on the information and generate new business.

But this website is not for Tanzanians alone. The oil and gas sector is everywhere. Worldwide.

On Tanzania Petroleum, I share:

1.News & Events

The latest news delivered to you every day.Stay up to date with strategic conferences and events.Maximize business to business connectivity.

2.Companies & Projects

Discover the latest projects in your target market and see who’s winning the contracts.

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Hussein Boffu. I am the founder of Tanzania Petroleum.

I am an entrepreneur specializing in the oil-and-gas supply chain. For quite some time now, I’ve been consulting a lot of businesses, both local and international, regarding starting a business in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector.

I have been approaching and talking to executives, and have been selling goods and equipment to various oil-and-gas companies in Tanzania.

What Others Are Saying About Me

“Competitive rates and fast delivery of goods are the key factors keeping me happy to choose Hussein’s business. His prompt response serves us in emergency situations.” – Malisa Florenso, Procurement Manager, Maurel et Prom Exploration and Production Tanzania Limited.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Hussein Boffu for a while now with numerous oil and gas companies in Tanzania. He is very responsive and a go-getter with attention to details, and ultimately keeping the customer happy. Hussein will keep in touch with you from the moment you start working with him to when the project is completed and BEYOND.”  –Imran Pishori, Vice President, Quicksource, Inc., The United States.


“I have found Hussein to be a veritable fountain of information with a vast and useful network of senior contacts when I first sought information about the Tanzania’s oil and gas industry. Also, Hussein has a newsletter and website that is arguably one of the international community’s first stops when considering investment into Tanzania.” –Daniel R. Butler, Consultant and CEO of MelbourneSRO, The Czech Republic.


“It was pretty hard entering Tanzania’s oil and gas market. Thankfully, working in partnership with Hussein, purchasing orders from oil and gas companies in Tanzania are coming in.” –Jackson Obi, General Manager, Jack-Pull Oil and Gas Nigeria Limited.


“I was amazed when I first found his informative article on the internet. My reaction? Wow. It was the absolute best anyone could offer the petroleum industry. So, I emailed him for a face-to-face interview. And we met. Seriously, I have a strongly feeling about him. Hussein Boffu enlightens people who are passionate about doing business in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.” –Mussa J. Mlindwa, Commercial Assistant, American Embassy, Tanzania.


“We frequently share our best practices and concentrate on expanding our combined knowledge base. And I believe, with his skills and knowledge, Tanzanians can benefit a lot from him.”  –Peter S. Hermes, Managing Director, Tanzania Mines, Gas and Oil Company Limited.


“I met Hussein recently on the internet and knew immediately that he was committed to create awareness in the booming oil and gas sector in Tanzania. I haven’t seen a passion for the oil and gas sector greater than Hussein’s. He knows his stuff.”  –Abraham Adekunle, writer from Lagos, Nigeria.

The Tanzania Petroleum Team

But you might be wondering why you’ve been seeing the word “our” and “we” on the website. That’s because another admin has come on board.

His name is Abraham Adekunle from a Lagos suburb in Nigeria.

To know more about The Tanzania Petroleum Team, click here.

The Tanzania Petroleum Blog

As said earlier that, on the website, we share tips and news about the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.

On The Tanzania Petroleum Blog, we share:

  • …news about the Tanzanian oil and gas sector.
  • …news about the world oil market.
  • …how to invest your money in the oil and gas sector wisely and get good returns.
  • …insider tips on how to survive and succeed as a businessman in the sector.

To read the blog, click here.

Books Tailored to Your Need

Are you a businessman looking to invest in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania?

Do you want to get specific answers to your oil and gas questions?

Well, here’s your chance.

The Tanzania Petroleum Team brings to you the following books:

1. Tanzania Petroleum Opportunities.

Would you love to participate in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector but you have no idea how to get started?

Are you wondering what opportunities are available in Tanzania’s oil and gas sector?

Have you ever wished to grab opportunities in the petroleum sector?

Well, here’s your chance.
Get “Tanzania Petroleum Opportunities” absolutely free, along with monthly oil and gas events directly to your inbox.

Price: free.

Click here to download.

2. How to Recognize Potential Business Opportunities in Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Sector

In this book, you will learn

  • How to start an oil and gas supply and service business in Tanzania.
  • How to become a supplier or contractor in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.
  • How to pursue potential business opportunities and get noticed by oil and gas companies in Tanzania.
  • How to arrange the presentation of your goods and services to oil companies.
  • How to become a vendor (contractor or supplier with various oil and gas companies).
  • How to win contracts and supply (including preparing and submitting an acceptable bid).
  • How to raise money for your supply and contract.
  • List of goods, tools and equipment you can start to supply in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.
  • Main area of business opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.
  • Tips to survive in oil and gas sector in Tanzania.
  • More interesting business opportunities in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.

This is a “must have” eBook for anyone looking to make money in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania.


Price: TZS 30,000.

Click here to buy.

3. How to Start and Run a Profitable Petrol Station Business in Tanzania

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Three ways to start a filling station business in Tanzania, and the easiest among them.
  • The steps and procedures to obtain licenses and permits to setup a petrol station.
  • The list of certificates you need to run a petrol station.
  • The cost of setting up a petrol station in Tanzania.
  • The equipment and machines you need to have a complete filling station, their prices, and where you can buy them.
  • The factors determining the profit margin of petrol stations.
  • Three ways to become a dealer of oil companies in Tanzania.
  • How to setup a petrol station using the brand name of major oil companies in Tanzania such as Total, PUMA, etc.
  • The marketing strategies you should employ for your station.
  • How to control theft and avoid robbery in your station. (Ignore this and watch robbers flock in every now and then.)
  • The challenges associated with running a petrol station.

Download this guide for a token of TZS 50,000 now.

Price: TZS 50,000.

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Consult With The Founder

Sometimes, email newsletters don’t mention your need.

The Tanzania Petroleum Blog may even pivot to another aspect of the oil and gas sector for a specific period of time.

And in fact, we may not have the book that could answer your questions yet.

But for a token, we’re given you the chance to book for a consultation with the founder of Tanzania Petroleum.

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