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Tanzaniapetroleum.com is an online  adverting and marketing agency for business to business(B2B) that focuses on brand awareness and lead generation.

Since 2014 , Tanzaniapetroleum.com has been serving businesses  and professionals with industry news, updates  and connecting them with  industry events so as to maximize business to business connectivity.

Therefore helping companies reaching their target audience, building reputation, demonstrating capability and showcasing credibility to their audience in Tanzania and across East Africa.

Whether you are suppliers selling equipment, or service providers offering specialized  services or simply you have products and services that create competitive advantage in the oil and gas industry.  Tanzaniapetroleum.com helps you  build brand  awareness generates new leads  and position your company as a thought leader in Tanzania and across  East Africa.

Tanzaniapetroleum.com helps you save time, money and hassle and stress by producing advertising campaign that resonate with prospects across East Africa and help you to reach and engage your target  audience in Tanzania and across East Africa.

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Our services

Save Time:  tanzaniapetroleum helps you save money because you don’t need to spend time for ads placement,contacts different publishers

Save Money:

Expertise:    Although is small team having had background in petroleum in petroleum geosciences and petroleum engineering but we have good knowledge on the advertising and marketing.

What Other Businesses Are Saying About Tanzaniapetroleum.com

“The advertising that Tanzaniapetroleum.com has provided us with, has enable us to reach and engage with our target audience in the East African oil and gas sectors,driving value for our company.”-Susan Buckley, Marketing Manager, CWC group

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