Who Else Wants To Make Millions In The Oil and Gas In Tanzania


Tanzania has considerable business opportunities for everyone in its gas plays.  Fortunately, you can approach such  business even without  any cash into your pocket.

Yes, you read that right. Money is nothing to begin the business.

The key to succeed and failure in the Oil and Gas business is information

If you’ve right information even without startup  capital   you harvest a decent profit, sometimes overnight . Otherwise, you end up broke at a speedy rate.

Okay,That’s the talk of another day. Let’s dive in the topic at hand.

Yes, today I expose you a smart. Profitable. But the little-known way to make massive income in Tanzania’s gas.

No matter who you’re , you can start this business and still make millions straight away.

And guess what?   That’s the Oil and Gas TV show

The television show is the most powerful way to earn money from the gas sector, sadly  many people never realize.

Why do I say this?  Keep reading and you’ll find out

Why Television show is the profitable business in Tanzanian oil and gas sector

Tanzanian oil and gas industry is growing at alarming rates. But challenges are immense as well.

Lack of awareness. Growing citizens’ expectation on gas sector. Shortage of local manpower to develop and handle resources.

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People want to invest in the gas but are unsure where to begin.  And Oil and gas firms want to stand out in the market. These are difficulties hold down the industry  business.

And local media must shoulder responsibility in addressing  such challenges

Ever asked yourself what would happen if you partner with any Television station in Tanzania to  run oil and gas TV show?

The answer is pretty obvious :You’ll  make massive income from the oil and gas players who are keen to advertise their products ,services or launch new events.

And the best part is this, Oil and gas companies have a huge budget advertisement. And some of them have  fund to pay for 4 to 8 slots

Most importantly,  Even  relevant government agencies such as Tanzania petroleum development corporation(TPDC)  could collaborate with you and spreading message to the audience.

How To partner with Television Station In Tanzania

Buying airtime  on  television station is a  costly. But the reward is high if you can. However when your  content is great to generate committed viewership, trust me television channel  will  get you program  without collecting  a dime  from you.

All you need is  a good script that addresses key issue in Tanzanian oil and gas industry. And reach out any Television station.

Topic You can Cover For  Oil and Gas Television Viewers

The bottom line is this, List of ideas for your Tv show are brainstorming. But you might include the following.

Clear Up Misconception about  the gas sector.-  Average citizens might feel a government is stealing their natural gas  wealth. So your show will educate people that once the oil  or gas are  found it might take  5 ¬8  years for government  to make actual cash

Managing public expectation : Citizens are optimistic the gas  stands to create millions of jobs. Your program might highlight on the reality  of the industry. And educate them the nature of oil  and gas to hire small share of workers  as  a capital intensives industry.

Business opportunities : You show should highlight  business opportunities in the oil and gas industry, teach and inspire citizens to use them.

Latest trend: You must highlight  trends in the oil sector such as global oil price fluctuation and how it affect oil and gas business and economy too.

Tips to achieve  this business:

  • Your program must be well organized:

Nobody  wants to watch rubbish. Creativity is critical in this business. You ought to come up with  ideas  that interest  viewership.

  • Give viewers what they want:

The television show , collect many advertisements,  have many viewers. To attract a load of them  your program must meet viewers’  needs.

It useless   running oil and gas Tv show nobody’s  watching. People spend more time watching  Tv program that offers them value.

Are you ready to Become part of Tanzania’s gas Boom?

So there you’ve  detailed information.  But  It won’t work if you read and move on.  You should  Put them to use. And life is too short to procrastinate. Do that you’d live happily ever.

                                                                                   But the Choice is Yours

Hussein Boffu runs a consultancy helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals through business planning and consultancy support. Would you like to reach out to him? Contact him via email at hussein.boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com or by calling, texting, or WhatsApp at +255(0)655376543.