Do you very interested to know numerous things  that Tanzanians who work  in oil and gas companies have in general?

You are about to learn excellent stuff.

Okay, let’s go..!

1: They love what they do
When you talk with Tanzanians who are working in oil and gas companies, they like to talk much concerning their jobs, memorable trips and challenges they face,

What does this imply?
The logic here is very   simple: If they like to talk much about their works this  means   they enjoy their jobs,
You can’t   talk much about the job you hate.

2: They graduate with neither petroleum courses

Most of Tanzania oil and gas workers they don’t have college courses related to oil and gas industry   like petroleum engineering, petroleum geosciences reservoir engineering   petroleum account etc:
They just join petroleum industry with other courses like chemical engineering,  Telecommunication engineering,   Mechanical engineering information technology etc.

3: Have  good academic history
Most of them they have great grades, As you know    many oil and gas   attract  best college students, So, most of them they finished with great grades.

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4: They are enthusiastic to assist others

Most of Tanzania oil and gas workers are ready to assist young and adult professionals who are very eager to know about different issues related to oil and gas industry. They are willing to share knowledge concerning this industry.

5: Strong oral and written communication

I  always talk to Tanzania oil and gas workers or when we do some projects collectively, I surprised with  the way they perform tasks,  they able to communicate well with others  and they have good writing skills.

Final Words
All of the above can be summarized   through the next words, Tanzania oil and gas workers are very smart.

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