Would you like to know the life in oil and gas industry?

Are you very curious to know what oil and gas workers eat at their workplace, how they sleep, how long they work?

 it is  allowed for oil and gas employees to use the mobile phone at their working place?

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Articles examine the life condition  of   Oil and gas workers at their working places in offshore field.

From the time, they start to work, their food until they go to bed. Since the majority of Tanzania Natural gas discovered on the deep sea(Offshore) The article explains offshore lifestyle of oil and gas workers .

Okay let’s go
Most of the oil and gas rig have restaurant –type where various kinds of food are offered to oil and gas workers.imgres

Food and fruits delivered to the rig by helicopter or supply boat. So breakfast covers porridge fruits and other foods.

You will never use your pocket money to buy food. All expenses of food are provided by the company. And the good news is that there is a team of the kitchen who prepares food.

Due to the nature of oil and gas jobs, employers are very careful to ensure that, oil and gas employee are getting well-balanced food so as they can do the job properly.

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Fun and hobbies
In the offshore platform, there are many places for entertainment, stuff like a pool table, for those who are often exercised there is a gym. Also rooms with TVs, DVDsimages

Working hours
Offshore oil and gas employees work in shift, usually day or night, shift takes 12 hours followed by 12 hours of rest

Salaries for oil and gas workers differs from one person to another it depend on your role and company

Medical test
Medical care is the fundamental issue in the oil and gas companies, during an interview and before you go for working you should prepare for a medical test.


Accommodation in the offshore life vary from one company to another but most common accommodation is a single room with facilities like TV, toilet also is available that are shared by shifted staffs.Spaces are issued on offshore lifeimages

The use of mobile phone for offshore oil workers is prohibited for safety purpose,

Although public’ card phones and the massive production platforms have broadband internet access which means that you can send and receive e-mails, instant messages and even Skype.

Final words
Life condition on offshore platform is not easy, however, many oil companies make sure time you spent on platform is really enjoyable, For example, employees may find themselves live in places that meet 3  or 5-star hotels, despite the fact that you are in the middle of the ocean.

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