companies have been doing recruiting in  local university. Where by graduates from these Universities have received jobs offer prior to their graduation date. Forexample In
Tanzania, graduates from University of Dar es Salaam and Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology have received these job offer from oil companies.
order to cope with this low level price ,oil companies has been  giving up  to work with local universities  since june last year. The truth is, Many oil
companies will have scarcity of talents 
they used to find  from  local universities. And when I say talents, I mean
from operators, geologist engineers ,accountants, human resources people  and all who have background unrelated with oil
and gas industry
  Currently I am very anxious about this low
crude price.If this  downturn will be  long slump,probably  it could affect graduates jobs prospect and
oil companies can’t find the talents they need. But if the slump will be short,
petroleum companies could find the talents they need and this will give
graduate future they are trying to seek for.
readers we would love to hear your views on all of these
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