Are you looking for bets investment opportunities in Tanzania that can generate proper profit within the short period of time?

If yes, investing in Tanzania oil and gas industry is an absolutely good idea.

The oil and natural gas industry in Tanzania is growing at the speed of light.

Oil and natural gas industry are growing due to the high demand of energy notably oil and natural gas.

High demand of energy in the country is going hand to hand with economic growth of the country.

The economy of Tanzania economy expanded 6.5 percent in the first quarter of 2015. This indicates that more Tanzanians are likely to use kerosene natural gas for cooking in place of charcoal and firewood.

Also, there would expand the middle class who are likely to own their own car and buy private power generator for electricity.

Furthermore, the development of export crude oil pipeline from Hot main Uganda to Tanga port of Tanzania could create new investment opportunities in Tanzania oil and gas industry with proper returns

Natural Gas:

The fertilizer and power industry is demanding more source of natural gas for their production. Hence, the demand of gas is also rising at a good rate. It is also used for the domestic purpose for cooking. Due to increase in population, the demand of gas has also increased. Investors can look out for investing in such areas.


The growth of the automobile industry has become the main reason for the increase in the sale of petroleum and petroleum based products in the market.

There is a huge demand of petroleum that is further going to increase in the future. This poised industry has thus become the main source of investment.


Crude oil is drilled from several layers beneath the earth. This oil is of no use as it needs to be refined for its proper usability.

The process of refining includes several steps that are mainly done to yield various types of products from the crude oil.


There is a lot of scope of refining industries for refining the oil. The crude oil needs to be refined at any cost. Thus, investors can look for investment in the refining industry.

Final Words

With all these investing ideas, investors can gain much from oil and gas industry in Tanzania.

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