Lubricating Oil A booming business opportunities in Tanzania


Ever heard the saying  “Everything about oil and gas is money” The statement hold true.  From searching for, extraction,  processing and marketing oil and gas products.

Lubricant  represents an important petroleum product in Tanzania, Everyone is in contact with them, Either direct or indirect.

The lubricating oil business is booming in the present day.Why? Tanzania is among of best lubricants’ consumers.Don’t agree with me?

Well, Prepare yourself for a shock

According to official data, the country has imported 1,190,440 metric tonnes of petroleum products (Including Lubricant oil) in the first quarter of 2015.This indication that Tanzanians are biggest consumer of the products

Business has been attracting lots of entrepreneurs, because of solid profit it generates. However, you can come in and still and reap abundant profit.

Individuals, Factories Firms. vehicles and all means of transport are the victims of lubricants. As they introduce introduce lubricants oil between two surfaces in relative motion to reduce heat and friction to make equipment and vehicles run properly.

People make the living doing  such business plus better return. Right? And here are all about this business

Why lubricants oil is profitable business

Ultimate profit Let’s take that you buy 4 pieces of break fluid @ 35000Tsh as a case study the average profit you can get is 10, sell each piece by 6000Tsh. If you sell 4 pieces of brake fluid a day you earn profit 10,000. In a month 10,000* 30=300,000 Tsh. Imagine for a moment. You make profit of 300,00 Tsh a month by just selling only one type of lubricants

The best part Most people are unaware of real prices of Lubricants but sellers know exactly. And taking advantages of people’s ignorance to make windfall profit if it is unjustified Less risk Unlike other oil and gas investment, lubricant oil first is the durable product, you can keep staying with grease in the stock upward 2 years without spoil. Still doubt? the lubricant is non-flammable products like diesel oil or cooking gas

Why is there immense demand of lubricant oil in Tanzania? It’s really simple.Tanzania’s the economy is growing

Despite the decline of the global economy because of world’s market price fluctuation.But Tanzania economy has grown by 6.5 percent in the first quarter 2015.

So, what does that mean?

That means, people’s life will improve. As the economy growth goes hand in hand with uplifting citizens’ lives

More citizens will move from the rural to urban area. Many will own their own cars. And all cars depend on lubricants like grease, engine oil motor oil to run.,

And the good news is that Tanzania government stand to be industrialized .And guess what?Lubricants oil will be in high demand for car owners and factories so as to operate their machines smoothly


Top selling lubricants products  in Tanzania   Automatic Transmission Fluid(ATF) this lubricant mainly use in vehicle with automatic transmission Because it’s easy to use, Automatic vehicles are highly valued as a result demand of ATF is relatively high

   Brake and Clutch fluid. Ever heard car crash because of brake failure? Right, this fluid play important roles in motor vehicles bicycles, every motor vehicle owners must often buy  to increase brake force of the motor vehicles.

And It’s classification is rated as “DOT 3” and “DOT 4” DOT 3 mainly used for heavy truck and Dot 4 for light vehicles

   Grease: It’s either for industrial purpose or domestic, lots people use greases to reduce heat and frictions in machines, And the best classification of grease is mp 3

   Diesel engine oil. Is highly consumed products as used in multiple ways. It uses  in the engine to power heavy truck, tanker, to power bigger generators used in factories and individual

Market for Lubricants The large market of lubricant oil is automotive industry which take approximately 60-70 percent and the 30 percent is occupied by construction industries (mainly road) and cement industry

Where to get lubricants in Tanzania The largest distributors of lubricant oil in Tanzania are Total, Puma energy and Oryx

Tips to succeed in this lubricating oil business                    Get licences and business Interested Tanzanian should get a permit from relevant authority before they start doing, why? We all aware oil and gas is regulated business, permit and licence are essential to avoid unnecessary annoying.

                      Get warehouse It depend on amount of products you want to buy but having warehouse to safely protects products from damage and thieves.


  An Important  Note.

Finding  a  high quality of lubricant oil supplier can be a daunting.


Tanzania petroleum with its international partner can distribute the lubricant oil products called   : SAFETY TRACTOR OIL (manufactured with the European quality Standards) everywhere in the world,



  1. It is a Diesel Engine Oi, for the agriculture tractors with the above shown API and ACEA grades in the above mentioned colored flyer.
  2. It is a transmission oil for the manual gear, semi-automatic transmissions and hydrostatic transmissions.
  3. It is a hydraulic oil for the agriculture equipment including the tractors
  4. It is used for oil immersed brakes.
  5. Safety Tractor oil contains a friction modifier which avoid the vibration and noise when the brakes are operated


Pack sizes : 1 Liter, 4 Liters, 5 Liters, 20 Liters, and 200 Liters

CIF Prices (your destination port) per carton as follows :

PRODUCT                          CARTON SIZE               CIF PRICE 



Safety Tractor Oil                    21 X 1LT                   68.00      55.00

API 10W-30, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                      6 X 4LT                   69.00      56.00

API 10W-30, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                      4 X 5LT                   58.00      47.00

API 10W-30, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                         20 LT                    56.00      46.00

API 10W-30, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                       200 LT                   525.00      424.00

API 10W-30, ACEA E3



Safety Tractor Oil                    21 X 1LT                   66.00         54.00

API 15W-30, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                     6 X 4LT                    68.00         56.00

API 15W-30, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                     4 X 5LT                    57.00        46.00

API 15W-30, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                        20 LT                    54.00        44.00

API 15W-30, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                      200 LT                   510.00       412.00

API 15W-30, ACEA E3



Safety Tractor Oil                   21 X 1LT                    63.00        51.00

API 15W-40, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                     6 X 4LT                    66.00        54.00

API 15W-40, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                     4 X 5LT                    55.00        45.00

API 15W-40, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                        20 LT                     53.00        43.00

API 15W-40, ACEA E3


Safety Tractor Oil                      200 LT                   502.00       405.00

API 15W-40, ACEA E3



If you’re a genuine  buyer of lubricants oil   , kindly reach out  through or

0655 376543.

If you’re only a scam, don’t waste your time, as the conversation wouldn’t last too long after a few questions and demands to prove your authenticity have been made from our end.



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