Looking for job in oil and natural gas industry in Tanzania? Are you college student and you would like to bank six figure starting salaries? You are about to learn  some really great stuffs.

The article explains some great ways to join petroleum companies,for those  looking career or continue careers in oil and natural gas industry.

Petroleum industry has its own hiring methods and the methods we are going to discuss here, are the one applied by many Tanzanians who are currently enjoying career in petroleum companies.

If it work for them, it must work for you as well

Lets  face them:

1:University career fairs: Oil and natural gas companies have been recruiting  students from local universities for years.

Career fairs is the excellent opportunity for you , because attending these events enabling you to meet recruiters and employers of the oil companies who needs your skills.

During career fair you would be doing  a series of interviews, when you win competition  , you will receive job offer from particular oil companies

For instance, students from University of Dar es salaam,(UDSM) and Dar es salaam Institute of technology(DIT) have got job offer prior to their graduation date.

As I am writing this articles some of them are enjoying career with Schlumberger, Halliburton, Pan-African energy. To see example of Tanzania who join oil company through this method, click here: maintenance engineer in charge and maintenance supervisor at  Schlumberger  Innocent Anthony.

2.Company websites:

Most oil and gas company they often post open positions  on their website before posting elsewhere.

By free registration and creating account, on their website you will able  to see all posted jobs, and you can apply directly through these sites,

To apply for these jobs you don’t need to be an Internet expert,because they provide further details about the application process,

After applying, when you meet their qualifications  required for particular jobs they will contact you through phone but in most cases through your email address.

The best news is that we have some of Tanzanians currently working with petroleum companies thanks to company website method. Example of oil and company website you can apply now: and

3.Job Portals or jobs sites: Is among of the popular methods to get jobs in oil and natural gas companies. I have already explain about it in my previous articles, if you miss it, you should read here:see important job sites-for petroleum jobs.

4:Network, Network, Network: Instead of posting jobs on jobs board which might cost company in terms of time and money, many employers  use current employee inside the company to look for ideal candidates to fill open positions.

As you look for career in natural and gas industry your job is to wide your network by asking friends and family about others who are currently working with oil and natural gas industry and network with.

The more people you know in oil and gas industry  the more you increase your chance to get jobs in oil and gas companies

5:Social Media:  Social media is  a nice platform to meet with people regarding to your interest.If oil and gas is your passion, the social media I recommend you to use is LinkedIn. It will expose  you to the world of recruiters and other peers.Don’t be shy to ask people for information or advice on LinkedIn about oil and gas matters. Because linked in is designed for business purpose.

My Final Words

If you will take actions,these methods  are starting point of getting  jobs in oil and gas industry not only in short time but for  the rest of your career.

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