This weekend i have fun time to visit various internet forum relating  to petroleum industry ,  The most interesting thing  I found from one of  forum was some people were claiming with text like that” I have forward my Cv  to many  jobs sites but i didn’t see any response”.  These people might be the use wrong strategies or they use wrong jobs sites to apply for petroleum jobs.  One important thing to keep in mind is that Before you begin to send Cv to these jobs site you should know that  not all jobs sites are  good place for you to submit your resumes. One most common mistake many job seeker do is  to send their resume in any jobs site they see in the internet. I recommend you not doing so.

Okay, let’s go

Now days, when you go through  internet you may encounter a lot of sites where they  publish oil and gas jobs, But most of these jobs site are not keep in touch with employee, recruiters or recruiting agency who are  key people to give you opportunity in petroleum company.

companies.  Below i mention very important jobs site offer  petroleum jobs . These job sites are important,because they are used  for both employee and recruiting agency, These site release jobs announcement from different Location, including petroleum jobs in Tanzania. Also these sites have options where you can forward your  Cv and feed your information as much as you want. These sites include the following


My Final Words

Although these are important jobs sites for oil and gas jobs, i cant guarantee you that hundred percent if you use these jobs you will get jobs in petroleum companies, but you have a greater chances to increase your probability



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