Are you confused about what it takes to start and operate a petrol station in Uganda? Are wondering what are the requirements for operating your petrol station in Uganda?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you are landed in the right place.

Petroleum continues to be the most important form of modern primary energy in Uganda. Local oil and gas demand has been growing over the last decade. As Uganda’s economy grows there will be more consumption of petroleum products in the region.

Look around your city, and you will discover many fuel filling stations are running. Driving around the highway in your town, you will see more than one fuel filling station under construction or already serving the community.

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The simple truth is that the establishment of a new fuel station is on the increase in Uganda.

Requirements to Starting Petrol Station In Uganda.

Land Size Requirement for petrol station in Uganda: The size of land suitable for petrol station in Uganda is 1200 square meters

If you are planning to start a retail petrol station business where location is of topmost concern, then you must acquire favorable land as your highest priority. 

Capital Requirement for starting a petrol station in Uganda. The initial investment cost for building a petrol station in Uganda is USD 810,000. 

The cost of starting a petrol station might be high, the good news is that there are many potential lenders and investors as there are prospective entrepreneurs. With a great business plan that demonstrates the likelihood of success and you are persistent,

you will find the money you need. Of course, it may take longer(and it requires more work) than you expect, but you will be successful if you believe in your business.

I hope this will guide your decision-making in starting a profitable petrol station in Uganda.


Hussein Boffu is a business consultant with experience in the oil and gas(energy)industry, business strategy development, business planning, research, due diligence, sales and marketing, project coordination, supplies and equipment procurement. He has a passion to help entrepreneurs and businesses in the energy sector to build, grow, and develop sustainable, profitable enterprises. So that they can create more employment and provide a good life for their families, employees, and communities. He can be reached via or Text/Call/WhatsApp +255(0)655376543