You don’t need to be the rocket scientist to recognize that Tanzania is a land that blessed with massive business opportunities

The reason why the export and import is the profitable sector because, no any nation in the world can satisfy everything for herself. Since Tanzania is the growing market, the population is increasing by 3 percent each year so growing the middle class and urbanization trigger for more import opportunities in the region
If you have been racking your brain on the lucrative business idea to start in Tanzania, then inside article you will find the top products you can import or export abroad
So here are the import and export business opportunities in Tanzania

Top Import Opportunities In Tanzania
Now, let’s talk first about import opportunities and the last part will be export opportunities in the region

1.Clothes importation
You already know that clothes are one of the human necessities, we can’t live without clothes that are the reason why this profitable business in Tanzania. This is a business that thrives in any economy.

Because even in bad economy Tanzanians look for the clothes to wear. To stand out in this business sell the used clothes, this is because, since the year 2008 to date, the economy around the globe has not improved as much we would like to think it has.

So everyone has small pocket these days, for this reason, more people prefer to buy used clothes rather than getting new ones. To double your profit margin in this business offer variety of related products, so you can also import bags, shoes, and watches, your target audience for this business in Tanzania are women, men, and kids.

You can source the used clothes from China, India Dubai, and the USA and resell in Tanzania at high rates.

2.Electronics Items Importation
The growth of the economy by 7.1 percent in 2017 in Tanzania has led to the rise of a number of mobile users in the country.

So source the smartphones and resell them in Tanzania can be a great opportunity to pursue. Also laptops and other profitable electronics items.

You can source from China at wholesale prices and resell in Tanzania to consumers

3.Solar power products importation
Reliable and affordable electricity is a major challenge in Tanzania, also the desire of clean energy to replace the firewood and charcoal is increasing the demand for solar power products in Tanzania. So you can make fortune by importing solar power products such as panel, solar batteries, charge controller and solar inverters.

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4.Fuel/ Petroleum Products Importation.

Fuel importation. The demand for refined petroleum products (diesel, petrol, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and lubricant oil is extremely high in Tanzania. As of 30th of December 2016, Tanzania consumed 33 millions liters of petroleum products (Petrol, diesel, kerosene, and Jet-A1 ) This a large number. In this business to make out ahead, you should have tank farm to store fuel products.

Since Tanzania use bulk procurement system to import all petroleum products (Diesel, kerosene, Petrol Jet oil) so, you must be a member of Petroleum Importation Coordinator (PIC), which is the company responsible for coordinating petroleum products in the country.

Also, they prepare periodic petroleum tender to get the winner of the tender.So you will bid for the importation of oil. And the lowest bidder will be given a contract to import petroleum products.
Once you got a job to import fuel, you store in tank farm and sale to wholesalers. Petrol stations owners, a large truck will be your potential customers.

Importation of fuel is a lucrative business in Tanzania.

However, a solid infrastructure and fuel depot and need huge capital startup. But it has a solid return for those who are creative in raise money for this kind of investment. Also, this is regulated business. To operate in this business you have to get and permit and licenses from the Energy, Water and Utility Authority (EWURA).

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5.Health products Importation
Diseases are the greatest challenges in many developing countries including Tanzania, if you have products or drugs that can cure people you will be on your way in the profitable business.

The products might range from those that are treating skin diseases, diabetes etc. You can import this health product from China. And if you do a hard work in promoting them you will make a decent profit.But once you import the product in the country you will never allow to resell them until you register your drugs with Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority.

6.Beauty products importation
Looking good is the desire of every human being. So importation of skin lotions, eyeliners, hair dye, perfumes are one of the most profitable businesses in Tanzania.

7.Become import/export consultant.

Like any other business opportunity, import and export have its own barriers and obstacles. If you don’t want to miss out an opportunity in this market you can provide consultation services to the entrepreneurs who are in this business. You can help them to understand the legal requirement for the business etc.

8.Become country representative
If you know the products or major distribution that are selling like hot cake in other countries and the manufacture are not marketing it in Tanzania. Just reach out to manufacture and affiliate with them to represent their products and distributions in Tanzania.

The point is you should not represent whatever product. But you should reach out to manufacturers who are offering the best products. That way, your products will see the outcome soon

Top Export Opportunities In Tanzania
1.Cashew nuts exportation
This is lucrative business opportunities in Tanzania. Since Tanzania produce cashew nuts than other countries in Africa. Since cashew nuts are the most consumed product in the world, so there is high potential in this business.

According to cashew nut Board of Tanzania (CBT), Tanzania export volume of cash nuts is 158,000metric tones in 2012. The most consumed countries of cashew nuts both USA and Holland. You can either involve In this business through exporting raw cashew nuts or kernelsA

2.Coffee exportation
Tanzania ranks 19 positions for producing coffee in the world.The export coffee brings a total of $ 60 million per year in Tanzania economy. So engaging in this business will bring you enough money.
3.Cotton exportation
Tanzania is the 2nd producer of cotton in the world after Brazil. The best part is that the demand for cotton in the foreign countries are extremely high, so you can come in and make a go of it

4.Mineral Exportation. T The mining sector has grown by 8.5 percent in the country in 2017. Since Tanzania is blessed with immense natural resources, you can make fortune simply by exporting minerals such as gold, Tanzanite gemstones to other geographic regions.
5.Agro- products exportation
Agriculture will remain to be the backbone of Tanzania economy, since many farmers in the country are engaging in the food crops like rice, maize, sweet potatoes, banana and cash crops like sisal and tobacco,

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