Developing Local Capacities to Be World-Class Oil and Gas Professionals Specialists and Executive Leaders

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Staffing services-Lucrative investment opportunities in Tanzanian Oil and Gas sector

wish to earn money by investing in Tanzanian oil and gas sector? Look for investment opportunities in Tanzanian gas sector that will result in mediocre return? All fair questions, And in the next minutes I will answer all What is staffing services?- quick definition means you help oil companies find temporary local workers. Owing the […]

4 Tips For Local Organizations To Sell Products and Services To the Oil and gas Industry

Do you struggle to sell products or services into Oil and Gas Industry? Like to sell more into oil and gas industry with less effort? Article meets all of these questions? Nowadays in Tanzania there are many small organizations and companies that sell products and services to the oil and gas companies. Some of these […]

Tpdc To Start Search For Oil Lake Tanganyika Using Low flying Aircraft

Dar es Salaam — Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) will start an advanced search for oil in Lake Tanganyika, the state-owned firm said at the weekend. From its first stages of surveys across Lake Tanganyika waters, TPDC believes the area from Kigoma Rural, Kigoma Ujiji, Uvinza and Mpanda Rural contains abundant oil resources. The belief […]

Tanzania Seafarers To Start Exploration of Oil and Gas in Deep and Shallow water

The move comes after the accomplishment of all legal procedures and fulfillment of sailor’s demands such as health insurance and working contracts to companies that they will be working with. Speaking in Dar es Salaam, the TSC Chairman, Mr Frank Chuma said that they have reached agreement with the government on the fulfillment of important […]

See Life Condition for offshore Oil Workers (Including Food, Accommodation, Working Hours, Fun and sports, Salaries)

Would you like to know the life in oil and gas industry? Are you very curious to know what oil and gas workers eat at their workplace, how they sleep, how long they work?  it is  allowed for oil and gas employees to use the mobile phone at their working place? You are about to […]

Tanzanian pipeline isn’t commercially viable, CEO Hill says

  East Africa’s race to export its first oil will eventually be a tie between neighbors Kenya and Uganda because both need to share a pipeline rather than compete for different routes, a producer in the region said. “The only sensible route for the pipeline is a joint pipeline” running through both countries, Africa Oil Corp. […]

Swala Energy Fast-Track Drilling Plan in Tanzania

Swala Energy has engaged a drilling support contractor in Tanzania Swala Energy (ASX:SWE) has accelerated its onshore oil and gas development plans in  Tanzania by engaging a drilling support contractor ahead of further exploration at the Kilosa-Kilombero and Pangani licences. Swala’s subsidiary operator at the properties, Swala Oil and Gas (Tanzania), has awarded the Drill […]

Tanzania: TPDC hints at grand ambitions for Natural Gas Master Plan

   developments appear to be on hold for now, our East Africa Politics & Security report points out that Tanzania still appears to have some ambitious plans for the country’s gas future. With the slowing interest from oil companies, the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) appears to be taking the lead in the sector, but […]

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