wish to earn money by investing in Tanzanian oil and gas sector?

Look for investment opportunities in Tanzanian gas sector that will result in mediocre return?

All fair questions, And in the next minutes I will answer all

What is staffing services?- quick definition

means you help oil companies find temporary local workers.

Owing the fact that, an immense discovery of natural gas in Tanzania, staffing services is the worth investing in Tanzanian oil and gas industry.

Why? because oil firms have been attracted to the region.

And these oil companies are in dire demand of temporary workers because of the capital-intensive nature of the industry.

Not to mention Tanzanian oil and gas local content policy that entices oil firm involve Tanzanians in oil and gas jobs

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How much you expect to earn from this business
We all know, oil and gas are a multi-dollar business. isn’t it? right?

The money you make from this business apparently endless, It depend on your initial capital.

However in the first year of the staffing business, you earn at least $ 125,0000 as a gr

Okay let’s get started

How staffing services in Tanzanian oil and gas work?

Ever think how oil companies get Local workforce when searching for oil and gas in Mtwara?its pretty simple, First they come with few permanent skilled employees.

Second they find local temporary workers to meet additional work.
And the provide tender to an external recruiter to recruit workers and select qualified candidates regarding their needs.

And what you will do, you recruit, you select qualified candidates

And you pay tax and workers compensation, Guess what next. Oil companies pay you for getting them Local workers.

The best part.

This business you earn money in the situation you help Tanzanian get a job in the sector.

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Why staffing service demand is huge in Tanzanian oil and gas sector?

Staffing services in Tanzanian oil and gas business are booming because, oil firm benefit accessing cheaper short-term workers than replacing permanent employees.

Here are the reasons outsourcing staffing services is highly valued in Oil firms

Save time and money
The entire process of Recruiting and hiring people costs in terms of money and time,

And because oil companies invest lots of money into the business.So what they do? They outsource staffing and recruiting services to third party recruiters.

And they focus on the single vital task. guess what? that’s getting oil and gas out of the ground. And for this reason, you make unlimited money by staffing service

Wide connection to find local workers quickly
When oil firms arrive in the region, don’t have detailed information on where to get temporary workers.

Guess what? They develop opportunities to you as external recruiters to help them get local workers.So as to get job done fast and better

Who are you clients firms?
Exploration and production companies
These main clients and involve in searching and getting oil and natural gas out of the ground.

What kind temporary workers they need? They need people who will help in drilling of exploration wells, mud mixing etc

    Pipeline companies
Ever heard Mtwara-Dar es salaam pipeline? Yes here’s how it works.

These companies require workers in the entire process of transmission liquefied natural gas to the processing plants and to the market

Natural gas processor firms
Need local workers to clean natural gas so that it can be commercially viable to the market

Requirements to succeed in staffing services regarding Tanzanian oil and gas sector
Start with scale that you are comfortable

Lease small office and hire few employee at the early stages of your business, when the business expands, purchase large offices
Find a location that is easy to reach your clients.Why? the reason is simple, you will reduce unnecessary costs.

And it makes it easy to offer services. In Tanzanian the best Location is southern part of Tanzania, where much natural gas discovery have been made, An are like Mtwara, Lind is promising
Your clients do not prefer to deal with an individual. And to avoid missing some deals register your company with BRELA, which is the agency responsible for business registration and licence in Tanzania

Who tells you is hard to invest in Tanzanian oil and gas sector
Everyone is capable doing business in Tanzanian oil and gas sector.

And the best part you can approach the sector in multiples ways? Start where you are, Start investment today because tomorrow will never arrive

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