Do you struggle to sell products or services into Oil and Gas Industry? Like to sell more into oil and gas industry with less effort?

Article meets all of these questions?

Nowadays in Tanzania there are many small organizations and companies that sell products and services to the oil and gas companies.

Some of these organizations supply safety  equipment like Safety boot, helmet. Also, they provide training services, transport services,

Human resources services both permanent and temporary staff, consultation services etc

However, few of these organizations have successfully selling, because either they sell into the wrong segment of oil and gas industry or they use wrong sales strategies


Article explores tips to improve your sales and generates more income selling into oil and gas industry
Let face them

Fix the problems
If you wish to sell more into oil and gas industries, you should solve a specific problem that your clients have.

Determine who has that problem and determine which segment of oil and gas industry is more likely to buy your product or services.

The industry has three segments decide to fix something either upstream, downstream or midstream segment. Read here 3 segment of oil and gas industry and how industry works

Due to crude to this oil below $ 50 per barrel if you fix problem into upstream sector you are wasting your time and I recommend you to skip into midstream and downstream sector.

Oil exploration and production companies will not listen to you and buy anything from because they are hurting with money

Focus on few vital products and services than many trivial
The common mistake that an organization does is this. They think will sell all products they have into petroleum industry.

In all of your product or services, you offer there few vital products that your clients are more interested in. also, have a great positive impact into your sales.

Concentrate on those few vital products than many trivial. This will not only increase your productivity but will save your time.

Reputation of your organization
This is the most important thing to have success selling into oil and gas industry. It refers how other clients and customers outside there think and talk about your services.

If other clients provide positive comments on your services and products you have a greater chance to attract new prospects.

Focus on quality and forget on prices
Clients would be willing to pay what  want if they believe your products and services will fulfill their wants. Remember you are paid for results and not activities,

so if your products or services have a specific benefit that customers need, they will purchase at prices you want.

Your customer has experience of buying cheap products. So prices do not matter if you sell a quality product
Final words
To sell more into oil and gas industry, you must have a better understanding of how the prospect will enjoy the benefit of using the product or services. Clients would not buy your products if he does understand how they can benefit from services or product you sell.

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