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Want to Start Your Business in Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Sector? Here’s How

Have you ever wanted to start your own business in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania? If you answer yes, then it’s a wise decision to pursue. Tanzania’s oil and gas sector is another name for wealth. To verify my words, plan a visit to the Oyster Plaza building in Masaki, Dar es Salaam, […]

Does it Take Rocket Science to Succeed in the Oil and Gas Sector in Tanzania?

Think back for a moment. What do you imagine when someone mentions the oil and gas sector? Businessmen worth billions? Oil barons? The government? Let me also ask: what do you think it takes to succeed in the oil and gas sector in Tanzania? I have some good news for you. It’s not by having […]

7 Opportunities in the Uganda-Tanzania Pipeline Project and How to Participate

The East African oil pipeline (or the Uganda-Tanzania pipeline is the talk of the town now. Not only in East Africa but all over the globe. The construction of this pipeline is officially on. Social and resettlement planning services have been undertaking it in Tanzania. The sad reality is that people don’t know about the […]

How To Start Cooking Gas Distribution Business In Tanzania…..Detailed Reuirements

Cooking gas becomes so popular fuel for cooking.  Have you ever wondered why is everyone using gas for cooking now?.   The answers are pretty simple. The first thing first, cooking gas is environment-friendly, cook food faster. Best of all cooking gas is very affordable Cooking gas is also called  Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)  or simply   […]

Solo Oil Announces Investment In Helium Gas Project In Tanzania

Solo Oil has announced that it has agreed to acquire a 10% interest in Helium One Limited  for a total consideration of £2.55 million  and has also been granted a 90-day call option to increase its investment in the company by a further 10%, for an additional investment of £4 million, which would increase its stake to 20%. The initial investment […]

REVEALED : 17  Tips and Rules Nobody Tells You About Make Good Money In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Markert

  Deep down you know it’s true. How’s difficult to gain oil and gas information in this country. Some people will require you to pay them big cash to teach you how to make money in this industry. Because I love you,  I’m giving you all this information for free. So no matter who you […]

How  To  Do  Business With Oil and Gas Companies In Tanzania

  Oil and gas companies in Tanzania buys almost everything,  They buy food stuff, to feed their employees in the job site.They buy fuel, such as diesel and lubricants. They buy industrial products such as valves, safety equipment, HR services, Transportation services. So you can do business with these companies provided that you know what […]

How To Recognize Potential Business Opportunities In Tanzania’s Oil and Gas Sector…..5 Steps!

  The major constraint that holds back many Tanzanians from grabbing the opportunity in the oil and gas sector is the lack of information about the current opportunities in this Industry. Many local suppliers and services providers even job seekers don’t aware of the existing opportunity in this booming sector. This lack of information prevent […]

Why it’s important for Oil companies to do reservoir modelling and simulation? PART 2

  By RENATUS MAHUYU Msc Oil and NaturalGas Engineering China UNIVERSITY OF GEOSCIENCES-WUHAN CHINA. Phone number /WhatsApp: +8613006172786   From our previous article, we discussed about how geologists go about when finding oil and gas in the exploration stage. Read: Why It’s Important For Oil Companies To do Reservoir Modeling and Simulation( Part1) In […]

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