Oil refinery at twilight

In 1969, God sent his angel to convey a special message to the people of Tanzania.

Think what? That message was simple: The foundation of Tanzania Petroleum development corporation(TPDC) and its partners include AGIP, Shell

In 1974 Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli – General Italian Oil Company(AGIP) broke the news of natural gas discovery in the songo Songo field  .

But it was not yet until 30 years when the little  gas production began at songo songs field in Lindi region

Since then, Tanzanians were waiting for the sweetie to drip onto their  tongues.

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Yet, the key inquiry are how do Tanzanians get arranged for forthcoming huge gas production which is relied upon to start no less than 2025 so as to benefit from their newly discovered resources?

What’s more, how do Tanzanians get prepared to use boundless opportunities when the LNG ventures finish and begin sending out liquefied natural gas to the Asian market

The issue we Tanzanians (include me) we are generally overlook the long term investment since we are willing for quick results


Utilizing Opportunities in Oil and Gas Sector

Tanzanian oil and gas industry have an expansive scope of opportunities to its Citizens, Not to talk when the time of  producing gas begin where a  lot of investors would be swarming to our country

The new petroleum act of 2015 requires all investors to use locally produced products and as happens in these products do not exist then enter a joint venture with local companies in order to provide the required services.

The law states that the joint venture should give seed is not limiting participation 25%. This is an opportunity for Tanzanian and should be utilized

Final Thought

If we want to be part of the natural gas boom, we should start by utilizing the opportunities accessible in the sector. Up to the time production begins we could be in the great position

         Hussein  Boffu


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In order to understand the present scenario in Tanzanian oil and gas sector, it is important to take a traditional outlook from where our country is coming from

The past scenario for Tanzanian oil and gas sector

The 1950s- BP and Shell drilled and discovered dry hole

In1969-TPDC was established by government to help develop and handle oil and gas sector and also offered exploration permits with government  and could get into partnership with foreigner associates through Production sharing agreement

In 1969-AGIP began discovery offshore after finalized production sharing contract with TPDC

The 1970s- The nation was not easy to attract foreign companies that would provide know-how and financial commitment this was because of inadequate facilities and being far away from market
In 1974- Gas deposits was discovered at songo songo area (but was not commercial v viable)

The 1980s- Shell and variety of foreign companies did seismic and sunk hole onshore and offshore

In 1982- Another Gas reserve was found in Mnazi Bay
In 1983- There was low oil price and, for this reason, it become more difficult than ever to draw in worldwide investors.
The 1990s- The work a project based on the 1974 Songo Songo gas area began evolving

In 1992-Tanzania released a variety of power change projects, such as a National Energy Policy, which began out up kind of market participation in creating electricity

In 2004-little production began at songo songo field

The Current circumstances for Tanzanian oil and gas sector
Despite the recent low oil price, Tanzanian oil and gas sector has enhanced considerably over the last several years.

For long, it could not create its gas sources because the discoveries were not considered for commercial viable.

The foreign oil companies that had capability were simply not fascinated in making a financial commitment.

The first significant project, the Songo Songo gas-to-electricity project, only came into being with contributor assistance.

Nowadays, a variety of oil and gas companies working in Tanzania, such as some of the giant oil player.

The nation, therefore, is based less on growth assistance for enhancing the oil market.

The change of the whole lawful and management structure that controls oil sources, which is continuous, indicates to a come back to a more effective part of the state.

The completions of Mtwara- Dar es salaam gas pipeline project in Oct 2015 plus the LNG place plan could put Tanzanian oil and gas sector t in the next level.

The attempt has been done by the govt to build up local content indication many Tanzanians would have fun with the whole sequence of oil and gas sector and the resources would benefit people and nation in common at the time production starts which is predicted at least in 2022.

There brighter days ahead for Tanzanian oil and gas sector

Hussein Boffu

Recent Graduate in Petroleum Geoscience


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Jan 29 Tanzania said on Friday it had finalised a land acquisition for the site of a planned liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant and was now working to compensate and resettle villagers to move forward on a long-delayed project.

Tanzania’s natural gas reserves are estimated at more than 55 trillion cubic feet (tcf) and the central bank believes 2 percentage points would be added to annual economic growth of 7 percent simply by starting work on the huge plant that would draw in billions of dollars of investment.

BG Group, being acquired by Royal Dutch Shell , along with Statoil, Exxon Mobil and Ophir Energy plan to build the onshore LNG export terminal in partnership with the state-run Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC). They aim to start it up in the early 2020s.

But their final investment decision has in part been held up by delays in finalising issues related to the site.

“After securing the title deed, the law requires the owner to pay compensation to the relevant parties based on a valuation done by the chief government valuer,” TPDC said in a statement.

TPDC now owns title deed for some 2,071.705 hectares of land that have been set aside for the construction of the planned two-train LNG terminal at Likong’o village in the southern Tanzanian town of Lindi, which is located close to large offshore gas finds.

Another 17,000 hectares of land around the site for the proposed LNG terminal has been allocated for an industrial park.

The land was bought from large landowners and some individual villagers.

Tanzania’s new president, John Magufuli, has promised more urgency in decision-making, responding to a frequent complaint from businesses. One example has been delays in finalising a site for the multi-billion dollar LNG plant that will exploit huge offshore gas finds.

Oil companies were unable to gain access to the site until the land purchase, analysts say.

“The next key thing to watch is how quickly a host government agreement is executed between the Tanzanian government, TPDC and IOCs (international oil companies),” Ahmed Salim, senior associate at consultancy Teneo Intelligence, said in a note to clients.

East Africa is a new hotspot in hydrocarbon exploration after substantial deposits of crude oil were found in Uganda and major gas reserves discovered in Tanzania and Mozambique.

Mozambique’s plans to build an LNG plant have moved more swiftly. With other LNG projects moving ahead around the world, the best deals for long term gas sales contracts will likely be secured by those who come on stream first, analysts say. (Reporting by Fumbuka Ng’wanakilala; Editing by Drazen Jorgic and Mark Potter)



Want to make endless money conducting business in Tanzanian oil and gas sector?

Considering investment in oil and gas?

What if I informed you Tanzania gas market has tremendous business possibilities that fit everyone?
Don’t worry
we live in the wealthiest nation and we are enclosed by more prosperity in oil and gas market. Your job is to get your reasonable share

The finding of huge natural gas (hopefully oil) in Tanzania has been drawn lots of international trader in the nation. But I considered where are regional traders and business owners in the sector?

For quite while now I have been seeking possibilities available in Tanzanian oil and gas areas.

That’s why I Choice to dig dip around to find some information that would allow Tanzanian to spend money on oil and gas market.

As regular, I am going to discuss these possibilities with you so that you too can tap the prosperity in this sector.Here are opportunities

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Upstream Financial commitment Opportunities

1. Oil  and Gas Exploitation.
2. Search for growth of regional alternative for such items as Method stress device, pushes, superficial exploration equipment, Drilling mud, pieces accessories, exploration cements etc.
3. Production of usable components in exploration such as explosives, detonators, metal castings, attractive footage etc.
Other Areas In The Solutions Sector Of The Upstream Are
• Development and Installation
• Maintenance
• Pipelines
• Well Services
• Transport Support Solutions.

Downstream Financial commitment Opportunities
Selling and marketing petroleum products like diesel, lubricants  kerosene etc
Manufacturing of LPG tubes, valves and authorities, setting up processing vegetation, Retail store submission and growth of simple, versatile and much less expensive gas burning to motivate the use of gas instead of timber and other energy sources.
Establishment of handling vegetation and areas for:
The production of enhanced nutrient oil, petroleum jam and oil.
The production of bituminous based water/damp-proof developing components such as roof structure linens, flooring, rubberized products, tarpaulin. Building of road storage space, product packaging and mixing vegetation to deal with the product for trade.
Establishment of substance areas such as distillation models for creating naphtha and other special steaming point substances used in place and other food handling areas.
Establishment of areas for handling Straight line Alkyl Benzene, As well as Black and Polypropylene.

Participation in all stages of the Tanzania Gas Industry growth programmed from exploration to productions

Still wondered where to invest in Tanzanian gas sector.

Lubricants Oil booming business opportunities in Tanzania.com

The ulimate Guide to Invest in Tanzanian oil and gas sector.

                                                           Hussein Boffu

                                         Recent Graduate in Petroleum Geoscience


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Ever heard?

To produce income in Tanzanian oil and gas market just fix the issue.

Have you ever thought how oil and gas consultants create money?.

They create much money fixing client’s problems

Consultant just offers Answer to one who need it.

And In our oil and gas market, there are plenty of issues need to be solved:

Tanzanians wants cleaning effective profession in gas market,
Companies and personal need to provide alternatives and item in gas sector
Organizations need to draw in new clients
Most Tanzanian want to get into the market.
People need to get on the market unfortunately, they don’t know where to look.
Not to bring up about international companies and traders are eager to get in Tanzanian oil and gas market but they don’t know how to deal with it
Following large gas discovers off the shore Tanzania.Consulting alternatives are growing company.And cash produced by this information mill endless

Let’s have a glimpse at Who is consultant- fast definition

A Consultant is a person who creates residing promoting support to those who needs it.

Consulting alternatives possibilities in Tanzanian oil and gas sector

Tanzanian oil and gas market provide wide groups for oil and gas talking to possibilities. And all are down this

Tanzanian need to get on the market.Foreign traders and the person also need support on how they can do company in Tanzania oil and gas market.Give them alternatives and you will get a big return

Business start up
Lots individuals outside there want to begin with oil and gas company.What if you will advise them on how to get it done. And produce healthier return

Events plan
What the variety of oil and gas activities spend in Tanzania is very big.People want to have effective oil and gas occasion.help them to get it done better and faster

Help company and personal on how to draw in new customers and provide many goods and repair to the oil and gas
Resume writing
You produce an income just by assisting individuals in a proceed composing that would effect oil and gas interviewers. We all know oil and gas information mill relatively exclusive and, for this purpose, it has exclusive proceed that would have beneficial impact
Lots Tanzanian look for a profession in oil and gas market. You would provide the support on how to have an excellent profession on the oil market.Guess what?And they will pay back for your advice

Instruct individuals on which programs are in more requirement in oil and gas market according to present circumstances and pattern of the industry

What experience  and knowledge you should have
Here’re individuals might led you to believe that to be an consultant in oil and gas market you must have had some years of knowledge the oil area.

Yes, working  experience is important in consulting area. But in oil and gas market there still a plenty space for oil and gas talking to businesses for everyone you.

The proven reality that most of us neglect is an advisor is all about an expertise. And this can be designed through coaching, education and studying or encounters.

Don’t believe me? Get ready yourself for a surprise.

In my life-time, I have met with Tanzanian consultant in oil and gas who has no past experience in the oilfield. And yet produce an income as consultant. To be consultant  in Tanzanian oil and gas market. you should first response the following questions:

Do you finished any training
Do you have knowledge oil and gas (either in upstream, downstream or midstream)
Do you have excellent interaction skills
Is conference new individuals your hobbies
Do you like to help others to accomplish their goals
If the response is yes. Then oil and gas talking consulting business are fulfilling way for you for making living

What if you don’t have past practical experience or you have never joined any oil and gas training? The response is fairly simple:

Read, research, be present at course, get other perspective and go to professionals for details and advice

In these details age, you  can find out anything you want, you can become well know consultant  in gas market simple and quicker than any moment in individual history

How much will you make from business?
It hard to make generalizations the earning from oil and gas consulting business.

Because it relies upon on client’s issue.But according to expert details an advisor can produce at least $ 80,000 in alternatives season.

Tips to succeed

Know the newest statics and pattern of the industry
Keep modified on what is proceed in oil and gas market, Because oil and gas are unpredictable. Variation of oil cost can modify the whole industry

learn new thing every day
Consulting in oil and gas is not for sluggish individuals.You should consistently enhance your abilities through studying be present at coaching and workshops for offering the response to customers.

Want to invest  on Oil and Gas?

Yes, begin to day because the next day won’t arrive

Hussein Boffu

Recent Graduate student in Oil Geoscience

email address: Hussein.Boffu@tanzaniapetroleum.com

mobile: 0655 37 65 43


In the context of massive natural gas (and hopefully oil) following the findings of immense commercial quantities in various parts of Tanzania including Mtwara, Lindi Mkuranga and cost regions

The best part of us expect the proportion of Tanzanian youth in the natural gas sector to increase Substantially.However, This is likely to happen downstream in the context of Local content through youth participations in the entire oil and gas value chain.

For this to happen, however, Tanzanian youth and those in and near oil and gas are found (Mtwara, Lindi and Coast regions). Need various entrepreneurial interventions. Guess what? These include training, coaching and access to finance

Statoil has been taking part to serve Tanzanian youth
I t should be noted that the future of oil and gas sector depend on Today’s youth.And most youth should be trained and coached to stimulate entrepreneurship skills in oil and gas

For this reasons Statoil in early September 2014 had introduced the hero of tomorrow (HOT) business competition which invited youth aged 18-25 years live in Mtwara and Lindi to share business ideas which aim in stimulating entrepreneurship skill among youth and encourage them utilizing opportunities emerging from oil and gas activities in the regions

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The second phase of competition winner will be awarded 5000USD which is approximately up to 10 Million Tanzanian shillings

Heroes of Tommorrow 2015 invites youth from ages 18 to 25 from Lind and Mtwara which stand the chance to be turned into business plan.

The best 40 participants will be selected to attend training and coaching workshop on how to transform their ideas into a business plan.

The submitted business plan will be submitted to obtain 10 finalists.These will defend their business plan in front of a jury.And jury will choose top 5 candidates before announcing the winner at final event in Aprill Dar es salaam

The best Part

And We all know in the last decades Mtwara and Lindi region were no-go zones because of poor infrastructure and lack of power most youth residing in the region these regions have been rushing into Dar es salaam to look for opportunities.

But As Statoil developing entrepreneurship skills in these areas will attract more Tanzanian youths to go back to Mtwara and Lindi where there are more natural resources that can be turned into wealth

Owing the fact that oil and gas sector employ small share of workers. This Statoil’s intervention would make youth believing their own destiny instead of hoping someone will hire them.

I am thrilled to Congratulate Statoil’s Tanzania for Taking steps to serves us as Tanzanian youth at the time there would be no job for everybody in Tanzanian oil and gas sector
Hussein Boffu
Recent graduate in Petroleum Geosceinece
Email adress :Hussein.Boffu@Tanzaniapetroleum.com
Mobile :0655 37 65 43


Building something tangible, working on your own terms, and maybe even reaping much greater financial rewards than if you were to work for someone else. It certainly sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

When you think about it, any entrepreneurial endeavor inherently involves risk, so does this mean that “entrepreneurship” and “oil and gas” are mutually exclusive?
Absolutely not!

The point is that while people may perceive oil and gas as a very risk-averse industry, it was in fact built upon risk and the “wildcatters” who embraced it. Of course, taking a risk for the sake of it is not the point of entrepreneurship. Rather, risk is just a means to an end:Becoming an entrepreneur is about seeing an opportunity, either to improve on an existing product or service or introduce a new one, and then taking a risk in order to fill that need.

So Here We Are

for recently University Graduates and Student.

Are you entrepreneur in Oil and Gas Sector in Tanzania..

What do you have?

We give you platform to Advertise for free for one monthly in our website Plus one chance to advertise in our directory magazine for Oil and Gas in Tanzania.

Great Chance for You

Great Chance to meet the Market



Email: info@tmgof.or.tz

Twitter: www.twitter.com/tmgoforum

Mobile: +255-673-503612

www.tmgof.or.tz is the company informative project from “TMGOL” company


Are you seeking where to invest in Tanzanian oil and gas sector?

Do you wonder which town is best to invest in Tanzanian oil and gas sector?
Don’t worries
What if I told you some Tanzanian towns are booming thanks to natural gas discovery?

And these gas discoveries make some towns in Tanzania offering enormous investment opportunities to make health payoff

If you’re looking where to invest for the next coming month or year in Tanzanian oil and gas sector here are 2 hotspots for investment that I would explain

Is rapidly becoming hub region for business with increasing population marketplace.

The immense discovery of natural gas offers huge potential rewards.And many foreign investors has been attracted to the region.

Ever ask yourself why African billionaire Dangote choose to invest in Mtwara.The logic simple. He has already eyeing opportunities in the region.

With Mtwara port plus good infrastructure and logistics, Mtwara is the hottest spot for establishing vocational training institutions, recruiting agency recruiting agency because there many clients in the area.

However, Mtwara is the better place for building training institution related to oil and gas.

Like vocational training institution to help get local technicians which are in the dire demand in oil and gas sector.

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With little gas production in Songo songo field since 2004, plus plan to build the Liquefied natural gas plant (LNG) in the area on the horizon, would make Lindi potential market for business.

Because people should travel in this area. There would be significant demand in real estate, hotels and transportation

Final Words
In the last decades, Mtwara and Lindi have appeared as sleeping regions. But the discovery of natural gas has been transforming the regions in the hub town for investment In the country.

Are you start up seeking money to start oil and gas business in Tanzania?

Do you want to venture into oil and gas business but you don’t have enough capital. ?

Do you have brilliant oil and gas business idea but you don’t have money to turn your idea into lucrative business in Tanzanian oil and gas industry?

What if I told you there smart ways to get capital and start doing multi-dollar business in Tanzanian oil and gas sector? And it’s all down this

When you think beyond and above there is money to everyone to venture in Tanzanian oil and gas business

The problem?

The best part of us never know the ways to raise our initial capital for oil and gas business.

But Unless you spend time in the right website(Including Tanzaniapetroleum.com) you will never uncover these secrets

Okay let’s face them

Saving that you have from salaries and wages
If you are an employee, in particular, company.

I have three words for you “YOU ARE LUCKY” Guess why? Because it’s pretty simple for you to raise your capital and venture into oil and gas business.

Save small percent of your salary until you reach the amount you comfortable to start oil and gas business.

Don’t make it hard than necessary!
, start small, Save small
Save 10 percent of what you receive each month
Let’s take you have a salary of 500,000 Tsh a month as a case study. When you save 10 % of you will have 50,000 Tsh each month. In a year, you earn
50,0000 *12 = 600,000.

 Friends and Family
Family and friends are the best way to raise your capital. Why ? because they trust you, they know your abilities and goals.And then is pretty simple to help raise money for oil and gas business

Form partnership
To have great ideas is not all takes to run successful oil and gas business.Why? Because oil and gas business need resources and capital.

But if you find a partner to pool money and resources into your business ideas, you will run successful oil and gas business.

And good news about the partnership is you share risk as well as profit.

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Who is the investor? The investor is anyone from individuals to private organizations who invest money in the business to gain interest.
Lots people outside there have free money and they keen to invest on people with great business ideas.

However, they will never invest on you unless you give them detailed information on what exactly is your business

Before you approach investor for capital you should be able to answer the following questions
1.What makes you business unique from others in oil and gas industry
2.What will make it successful
3. How much he will invest on you and how much he will  get back

Thing to remember

Investors always want to be confident that what he invest could end up with a great return.

 Sell assets
If you’re seeking money to start oil and gas business considering selling assets.

Some people own assets that they can survive without.Do you own extra cars? Consider to sell some of them and start oil and gas business

The worst part?
Selling assets seem to be weakening most of us? You know the reasons? It’s because we have an emotional attachment to them.However is the smart way to raise capital as we use the as security for bank

Grants and loans
Most international agency and government agency provide loans and grants to small biz or sturt up.

You know why they always help small start-ups? Because small biz and entrepreneurs are the ones who increase employment opportunities in the country.introduce new technology in the country that lead economic growth.

Still capital Hold you back to start a business in Tanzanian oil and gas business?

You already realize some ways to raise money to start oil and gas business
You don’t have excuse to start doing business in Tanzanian oil and gas industry
Use at least one of them to raise capital