If you are struggling to attract clients into oil and gas, you’re not alone. because that’s happening, Not just to you. But to tons of entrepreneurs  in Tanzania and beyond.

But I have shocking truth for you today. The truth that prevents you from selling in the oil and gas.

The outlined are the truth:


1. Availability of information
The Internet has changed everything. Your prospect has a smart phone, laptop or pad, whatever you call it. But it gives them access to the internet.
So information is at their fingertips. With a click, They can learn everything about your products, services, price, and specification.Even information about you and your business.

The sad reality is that, once they found things they don’t like. They  ignore you offering.


 2. Small wallet
Oil and gas companies and business have a small wallet.They cut cost and they want to spend more with less. The is because the economy is unstable right now. And crude oil price drop in the global market has added fuel to fire.  Most importantly, companies are burning with a loaded of tax today.


3.  The world is a single village
These days, your prospects can buy to any marketplace. Skype and video telephone has turned the world too small

In Tanzania, example. Many oil and gas companies buy products and services overseas.

So trying to compete in that game is the wastage of time.So how do you stand out?

Perhaps your marketing strategies relied on making more calls, send out a lot of emails. And have face to face presentation.

These approaches are effective.But in today’s oil and gas market, using these approaches you prospect might take longer to respond.

                        How To Overcome These Challenges

Great times of oil boom has gone. So things have changed now in the industry.
But the only thing that  remains  the same  in this sector is, we do business with people we like and trust

However, there’s the smart way. a method that can yield a greater return in the long term.That approach named DIGITAL MARKETING

Digital marketing is when you use the internet to promote your products and services to your high target market.

I often call digital marketing as help marketing. As you don’t do this to push clients to purchase your products and service. But you give them actionable advice about your offering. You show them how your products and service can benefit them.

This build trust and your clients will recognize you as an expert in your area. So if you are offering valves, writes an article about types of valves every engineer should know. If you are selling PPE’s demonstrate how they can benefit your clients. The same way if you offering engineering services.

The reasons this method is effective is, your clients, oil and gas professionals, highly decision makers are online

searching for the solution and valuable information about their business and personal matters. So why don’t you go where they are?

In reality, digital marketing is a new concept in oil and gas, but it increasingly popularity in the industry these days.

So, digital marketing cover everything from email marketing, video marketing, social media marketing.Your online presence

should be part of your sales team that increase your profit margin. But guess what. Having only company website, It won’t pay off.

Do you have an email list? Is your website rank higher when someone searches it on google? Do you provide valuable information about your offering that can help your clients?

if your online presence doesn’t result in you in revenue. Then it’s worthless to your business.

The common sense answer is to focus on getting clients and sales from your website visitors.

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