A Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) refilling plant is a system which can be used either automatically or manually to refill LPG cylinders.

Oil and gas companies have projected an increase in demand of LPG in the future due to increase in its domestic use. The demand is likely to increase subsequently over the years to come. Even in the present scenario, it is very difficult to meet the market demand of many regions in Tanzania.

In line with the requirements envisaged and to ensure fulfillment of demand, a medium LPG plant can be established in major cities and municipals with a storage capacity of 50 MT x2. This proposed plant shall meet the short supply of LPG cylinders in the area and also decrease lead time in the areas. It will also be used to meet the future household demands of the people.

Project Description

The proposed plant will have a capacity of 50 MT x2 bottling plant conforming to international and Tanzanian laws as a medium plant. These storage tanks will be enough to start with and to be distributed through LPG cylinders in entire (put a designated area) region.

A 100 MT storage is important to avoid the frequency of transport and any other associated costs and risk during transportation

Project Indicators:

Plant Capacity:  100 MT

Payback Period:  2:02 years.

Break even: At third year  at an increase of 3.5-6%

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Project Description.

Project Location and Land Size.

Legal Requirement

Building Requirements for LP Gas Refilling Plant

Manpower Requirement for LP Gas Refilling Plant

Potential Customers. 6

Market Study and Assessment for LP Gas Refilling Plant

LP Gas Import in Tanzania.

LP Gas Industry Trends.

LP Gas Industry Outlook.

Marketing Strategy.

Major Player in LP Gas Industry.

Financial Plan.

Sales Projection per week, Month and years

Working Capital and Project Investment Cost

The Break-Even Analysis for LP Gas Business.

Risk Assessment for LP Gas Refilling Plant 1


For the complete detailed feasibility report  for starting and running a LP Gas Plant in Tanzania, Send an email via info@tanzaniapetroleum.com.we will advise the best payment mode.

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