With the growing demand for lubricant oil in Tanzania, there is a proliferation of lubricant brands which causes intense competition between each distributor and dealers.

But with quality standard products, good marketing plan, sufficient start-up capital and a good distribution network, a new distributor like STANDARD LUBE (a company) can win competition in this business.

Here’s sample business plan provides relevant content needed to become much smarter about starting a profitable engine oil (Lubricant Oil) distribution Business.

This already drafted samples make it easy to write  your own  engine oil (Lubricant Oil) distribution plan.

This engine oil (Lubricant Oil) distribution  plan contains wide ranges of products and services, a comprehensive marketing plan, that will  put you on the road to success.

It also contains industry analysis, an extensive list of key to success, competitive advantages, financial plan,  SWOT analysis, current industry trends, industry analysis and best practice to exploit.

If your goal is to obtain the business knowledge, industry education  and industry best practice that will improve your  chances for success in  your engine oil (Lubricant Oil) distribution business. This  engine oil (Lubricant Oil) distribution business plan was specifically written for you.


Executive Summary
STANDARD LUBE will be a legally licensed distributor of lubricant oil in Tanzania. STANDARD LUBE will focus mainly on the distribution and reselling of high-quality lubricant oil to motorists and industries in Tanzania.

With his background, industry experience, exceptional customer relation and after-sale services, Charles Bebwa, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of STANDARD LUBE will generate customer royalty and influence an exponential growth of the company. At STANDARD LUBE, our goal is to position as a reliable source of fuel, offering variety of high-quality lubricants to fits vehicle’s needs and industrial requirement. Good customer services will be top priority in this business. This will, in turn, generate repeated patronage.

Business Description
STANDARD LUBE will be engaged in distribution and reselling of motor oil and lubricants oil spanning across the automotive, motorcycle users, tricycle lists, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, mining, agriculture and construction.

We purchase lubricant oil directly from large oil marketing company through our distribution network. We will have a dealership agreement with large oil marketing company. This we ensure us we get the right products at the good price and in the right time.

Our Vision

The vision of STANDARD LUBE is to be a highly preferred distributor of high-quality lubricants by motorists and industrial customers by anticipating the needs of demanding customers and providing them with high-quality products that meet their requirements.

Our Mission
STANDARD LUBE seeks to lower the maintenance cost for motorists and improve operational performance in the industries by supplying high-quality lubricants while offering extraordinary customer services that exceed customer expectation.

Key to Success

The keys to success of STANDARD LUBE are:
• Excellent customer service.
• Quality products.
• Delivery of productive on time.
• Customer oriented thinking.
• Products confirm to local and international standards.

The objectives for the STANDARD LUBE are:
• To create a company whose goal is to exceed customer’s expectation.
• To increase the number of customers served by 20% per year.
• To develop sustainable start-up business, surviving off its own cash.

STANDARD LUBE will be offering a wide range of the following lubricants products:
• Engine oil
• Gear oil
• Brake fluids
• Greases
• Hydraulic fluids
• Transmission fluids
• Specialties
• Coolants

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Executive Summary.

Business Description.

Our Vision.

Our Mission.

Our Values.

Keys to Success.



Customer Segments


Market Analysis for Lubricants Market in Tanzania.

Lubricants Industry Trends in Tanzania.

Industry Analysis.

Marketing and Promotional Plan

Management and Ownership.

SWOT Analysis.

Risk Assessment

Competitive Positioning.

Start Up Summary

Generating Startup Capital

Financial Consideration

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