For quite some time now, investing or doing business in the oil and gas industry was seen as the exclusive domain of the wealthy.

You had to have a deep pocket, huge financial muscles and high connections with decision-makers in the industry to play the game.

The idea of investing has caused (and is still causing) many average Tanzanians and Africans to feel overwhelmed and intimidated. So, they see it as out of their league.

A Myth Perpetuated by Virtually Everyone

We perpetuate the belief that one shouldn’t try this at home, but leave it to the BIG guys.

Unfortunately, this belief can drive people away from investing in this extraordinary industry and result in not expanding their sources of income.

The intimidation people talk about investing in the oil and gas industry is largely a myth, a web of misconception that has been around for so long and has become so pervasive that it seems unquestionable.

People think the oil and gas industry is too risky. They don’t speak the language. They don’t have an oil-and-gas-related degree (such as Petroleum Engineering).

All these common ideas are untrue because…

The Good News

And a really good one at that.

Investing or doing business in the oil and gas industry can easily be demystified.

At Tanzania Petroleum, our goal is to turn fear and intimidation into confidence and empowerment.

We set out to design an integrated project consulting firm that will enable the extraordinary by empowering the average African with the know-how, tools, insight and clarity they need to get started (such as investing) in the industry.

We set out to explain the oil and gas industry in plain English and help people get on the path to building a business they would be proud of.

I know that doubters out there will convince you that doing business in this industry is hard and that only the big guys can compete.

Our Goal and Mission at Tanzania Petroleum

My goal as the founder of TP is to demystify the industry, empower entrepreneurs and enable the extraordinary.

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs realise that they can essentially learn as much as they need to know about starting and developing their operation in the oil and gas industry.

We have designed in such a way that it is time saving and efficient; you do not have to spend countless hours trying to learn technical words or statistics. In real time, you will have affordable tools in your hands to make a good investment decision.

How We Operate

When I sit with clients, I let them know that they are aiming at building something extraordinary.

That they must be willing to invest the time, money and emotional commitment it takes to build something that matters.

And that this is the only way that they can prove doubters who think it is impossible wrong.

Once we agree on the above-mentioned, my team and I give the client all the necessary know-how, insight, clarity and help they need to enable them build something extraordinary.

Here I am today. Including my team.

By the grace of God, every day, our products and services enable the extraordinary to happen. When entrepreneurs, through our insights, build an extraordinary business that employs a lot of people and inspire countless others as a model, then we know that our mission and our goal has been achieved in one instance.