I see You In Gas Business


Tanzania has discovered  approximately  57 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This include 2.17 trillion cubic feet announced by United  Arab Emirates’ Dodsal Group in february  2016.


I foresee emerging and Young Gas Millionaire.I see Mass Employment. I see more than 50,000 lives saved from hazardous  kerosene and fire wood method of cooking. I see significantly increased LPG Consumption. I see  diversification of the mix of LPG applications. Car riding on gas, Generator powered by gas.


I see diversification of customer types distribution model. I see increased in LPG sector. economic and Capacity development.

I see distribution and retail  diversification.I see increased supply chain stability. I see diversification and expansion of types in the supply chain. I see growing confidence in LPG, LNG including safety.


So. what’s stopping You?

You just leave money on the table.

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