Tanzania has discovered  approximately  57 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This include 2.17 trillion cubic feet announced by United  Arab Emirates’ Dodsal Group in february  2016.


I foresee emerging and Young Gas Millionaire.I see Mass Employment. I see more than 50,000 lives saved from hazardous  kerosene and fire wood method of cooking. I see significantly increased LPG Consumption. I see  diversification of the mix of LPG applications. Car riding on gas, Generator powered by gas.


I see diversification of customer types distribution model. I see increased in LPG sector. economic and Capacity development.

I see distribution and retail  diversification.I see increased supply chain stability. I see diversification and expansion of types in the supply chain. I see growing confidence in LPG, LNG including safety.


So. what’s stopping You?

You just leave money on the table.