If you’re looking for investment opportunities in Tanzanian gas market, and you’re strategy for jobs in the sector or you want to sell product and services in Tanzanian oil and gas market, there are few vital things to put into concern in now interval of low-level prices before you progress further

Low oil price has changed the whole oil and gas market, so is incredibly necessary for Tanzanians who considering oil and gas sector to take note of the following things

Business and opportunities
For quite sometimes now the best portion of Tanzania have been selling products and services into oil companies deals in exploration and productions (upstream sector) because they have all money.

But under existing atmosphere, if you’re plan or you’re selling products or services oil and gas companies will never pay attention to you, no oil companies would be enthusiastic about your products and services. Not because you sell a low-quality product,

So Why? because they’re hurting with the existing environment.  How to carry on in this hard time in the oil business?
The guidelines are very simple: redirect to downstream part, downstream segment sell and market oil related products like diesel motor oil, lubricants and so on, so if your products or services fix problem in downstream sector in now[period  of dropping prices you will sell constantly and you wait to smile on bank

Job opportunities
If you strategy profession into gas sector and then you hope someone in upstream segments such as Pan African Energy Schlumberger or Halliburton Swala energy to hire you then you’re wasting time

For the current condition, you should focus on a downstream segment of the petroleum industry. Recently downstream are hiring like crazy because they benefit having the option to low oil prices. Instead of looking forward to oil prices to get better consider downstream segment of the industry

Final Thought
Low prices have harmed upstream part of the industry but downstream is currently booming.If you consider investment in the current environment: sell products or services must that fixes a specific problem in the downstream. The same to Tanzanian who look for a career in oil and gas sector. Must focus on downstream
Downstream, Downstream, Downstream

Hussein Boffu

Recent Graduate In Petroleum Geoscience