Ever noticed?
We often feel some people are luckier, smarter and more talented than we are!

The simple truth is they are prepared for opportunities and grab them with both hands when they come.

Seriously, “unlucky” are so blind to see the golden opportunity is even to their face!

Let me say this straight Tanzania’s gas is a source of opportunity. It’s a time to grab, invest and reap reward from it.

Tanzanian Entrepreneurs, what are you waiting for?

All from natural gas is money, (from exploration, production, marketing, and selling).

Utilizing such oil and gas opportunities means money flowing to you like a river

Why should you start a gas business

1:Tanzania’s energy demand is substantial
Tanzania struggle with clean cooking facilities that do not pollute the household air, Universal electricity is a major constraint in the country.

Only 24 percent of Tanzanian population have access to electricity. They need the energy to bring light in the darkness.

Needless to say, clean energy to lift them out of charcoal and firewood.You have the great chance to turn such challenge into an opportunity and make endless money right way.

2:Natural Gas stays in demand Even In economic downturn

Regardless of economic recession, the natural gas demand would continue to be there, People need to heat food, they need to heat themselves and they need fertilizer for sustainable agriculture.

3:Gas is the best supply of energy
Tanzania has an abundant energy supply, hydro, coal, geothermal but natural gas produce clean electricity than the rest. Natural gas powered vehicle are relatively less polluted environment compared to diesel powered engine

Stop leaving money on the table
Act now, Don’t wait for tomorrow,because tomorrow might never come. how long have you being procrastinating?