There has been a substantial raise in the consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the last ten years. The annual LPG consumption in Tanzania has grown from 5,500 metric tonnes in 2005 to 145,800 metric tonnes in 2019.

Furthermore, with continued economic development in Tanzania as well as increasing awareness in the use of LPG as the best alternative to firewood and charcoal, the consumption of LPG will grow to a significantly high level in both urban and rural areas. And with the Tanzanian government’s ambition to scale up the use of LPG across the nation, it will lead to increase in LP Gas demand and supply to hotels, homes, factories, boarding schools, army camps, mines as well as petrol stations.

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Although competition in the LP Cooking gas business has increased over the past few years in Tanzania, with effective marketing and supply strategies, building close client relationship as well as providing complementary services, the newly-established LP Gas retailer like you can still be profitable and assured of recovering its entire investment.

We have written a business plan for  a business Plan for setting up and operating an LP Gas (Cooking Gas) Distribution/Retailing Business in Tanzania:

LP Gas business plan in Tanzania help not only translate your ideas into business and your dreams into reality. It may also used for bank loans, to write business concept note and as a road map  for running your business and should be used as ongoing tool to manage your business and win competition.

A Sample Business Plan for Starting an LP Gas (Cooking Gas) Distribution/Retailing Business in Tanzania: A Business Plan for one Quick Gas Limited

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