Would you like to attract many clients in oil and gas without spending hundred of dollars in placing ads?

you wish to sell products and services in oil and gas but you wonder how you can attract clients?

There are lots of oil and gas companies outside there want to buy your products or services, clients want to buy you lubricants, there are hundreds of clients want to your consultation services.

Many people look for local partner in Tanzanian oil and gas sector to do business with

What if I told you with content marketing program you help attract thousands of clients?What if I told you are missing huge clients who are eager to buy your products and services?

What is content marketing
Is the process of providing appropriate information regarding your product and services for the intention of getting people to buy services or products you offer.

And the significant detail is this, Content marketing may not convincing clients to buy a product or services, but you want them to give their attention, belief that your ideas keeps value and take action on your product or services

If you are not marketing through content marketing you’re missing colossal clients that are eager to buy your product and services

Why content marketing is essential to attract clients

Your current client never visits your website or read your brochure

You may believe that your current clients are visiting or read your brochure. But in a real sense, he never does as such, why? Since he expects he knows everything about your product and services.

So how do you make attention to them on your products and services? The answer is pretty simple. Through content marketing. By posting content informing them how to use you product and services and how they could impact their lives and organization as whole you create attention to your presents clients and attract new one

Clients look online before making purchase
Findings show 89-96% do an online investigation before they decide to buy. Think why? Because they want to prove how experts say in regard to specific services or products they need to buy. How do you think if you would write regularly about your products and services you sell into oil and gas. Your article will rank higher in search engine, clients would see it and he must buy your products or services because you have proven to him you’re expert on what you sell.

Clients do not want you to sell immediately
Clients have past experience to buy awful products or low-quality services, is for this reasons they don’t hurry into buying, So what they need? They are eager to get detailed information on based on their buying decision. When you write content about product and services you offer at least 2 times a week you have great chance to attract many clients

Bring trust and convert visitors into client
We all know many clients buy to people they trust and know, But with content marketing program, you build trust and change o ver prospects into clients

How to work around it
The smart way to star content marketing program is to create to create corporate blogs in addition to your addition website
Because with blog is very easy to go with content marketing program because is allowing interaction with clients than website and it feature allow regular posts that are important in attracting new clients

My final Words
If you have a blog in addition to your corporate website and you post content in regular basis you make 100 calls a day.The power of content marketing is in attracting new clients is huge in oil and gas industry, however, many people organization seems to ignore it.