Oil workers drilling for oil on rig

Tanzanian oil and gas industry is another name for wealth.

People make hundred may be thousands of dollars in Tanzanian oil and gas industry.

Do not believe me?

 If you want to understand what I am talking about, check out the lifestyle of oil and gas investors. You will be amazing.

Back in July 2015, when I visit Oysterbay Dar es salaam, an area where oil investors have some offices. what happened? Yeah, I got shocked once I found a lot of expensive cars.

I talk to myself “who are the owner of all these cars” I didn’t get an answer until I asked a watchman who was standing in front of an existing door and he told me “ owners are oil and gas investors.

What makes the difference between investors and us?
Not because you lack talents, not because they are better and smarter than us. So what? It’s pretty simple because they have access to information you don’t.

When I look at Tanzanian oil and gas industry, there opportunities to everyone. No matter what is your pocket size and background,

Tanzanian oil and gas market offer wide range of options for investment opportunities

The article discusses multiple ways of investment in Tanzanian oil and gas industry in both upstream and downstream sectors.

And the end of the article you will analyze the best option for investment to secure better profit

Okay, let’s face them
Downstream investment opportunities

Supportive services
It involves offering service to the companies that are involved in the oil and gas industry. This includes transport services, oil pipeline, shipping and logistic services, accommodation services like hotels etc Oil and gas workers and executives need transport from offices to the field

Diesel supply. Is the is the profitable investment in Tanzanian oil and gas industry.

Have you ever noticed the unreliable electricity in our country? .is for this reasons many organizations choose to buy their own generator. And most of these generators are driven by diesel.Many People use generators at home. Agency, Barbershops, Not talk media houses and automotive industry

Cooking gas: is the good business for smart entrepreneur like you.Why? Many Tanzanian have been starting to use gas for cooking and domestic purpose. With approximately 55.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas discovered in Tanzania. Cooking gas would be in dire demand. And would result in better return

Upstream opportunities in Tanzanian oil and gas sector

In upstream sector is where lots people try hard to make me believe, Tanzanians we can’t afford invest in it because of immense financial capital and advanced technology required in these kind of investment.

However, when it comes investment in Oil and gas industry capital and technology is popular excuses to the best part of us. And for this reasons we are in the back bench in Oil and gas sector.

Okay let’s meet them

Exploration projects
In this projects interested Tanzanians will be required to buy or lease and involving in searching for oil and gas. If you strike oil or gas, you will have profit up to 10 times for what you invested

But, if not, you will lose everything. It costs, at least, $ 500,000 a day to search for oil in the deepwater.So a day you spend $ 500,000 in a month you will spend $ 500,000 * 30= 15000,000USD.

What if exploration process takes more than a month? Can you imagine? you lease land for millions of dollars.  And you spend $ 500,000 a day to search for something that you are not sure either you will find it or not.

This business has high risk and suitable for company having high-risk tolerance

Services business.

The entire process of oil, gas exploration and production done by oil companies require wide range of heavy equipment and instruments.

To make the process of oil and gas exploration into fruition and avoid unnecessary accidents and loss, this equipment require constant maintenance.

And Is where the idea of service company begin. However, this kind of investment requires expertise as well as advanced technology

What is your best option investment in Tanzanian oil and gas industry?
Are you going to invest in Oil and gas industry or you just going to sit and thinking about how hard it all is and lets others pass you by

The choice is yours

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