Considering an investment in Tanzanian oil and gas industry?

What if I told you oil refinery is the best deal in Tanzania oil and gas industry

Don’t believe me?

          Don’t worry you will admit it

Why is an oil refinery profitable business in Tanzanian oil and gas Sector? Here are answers.

Uganda has discovered 6.5 billions barrel of oil in the Albertine basin.

Kenya reported has 6 millions barrel of oil in the south Lockichar.

And the current exploration of crude oil done by Topic in the Lake Tanganyika will and hope their effort will bear fruit

The best part !

On October 2015, Tanzania government signed oil pipeline Memorandum of Understanding with Uganda  that will create a development of crude oil export from Hoima Uganda to Tanga port in Tanzania.

And all of these make oil refinery business to be in dire demand in Tanzanian oil and gas industry

Guess what happen if you put money in an oil refinery? You will refine oil in Tanzania, and sell to hundreds of dealers and export to other African countries and earn mediocre return

This is the new opportunities for a smart entrepreneur like you. Why? it’s pretty simple because there dire demand of oil refinery

Ever wondered how much it really costs and how long it takes to build one oil refinery? Get ready for shock

It cost 5-15 billions dollars to build one and it takes 2 to 3 years to complete.

As you can see oil refinery business is not for people who wants instant results, it requires huge financial muscles patience as well as technology

Sound impossible? Right?
To build the oil refinery in Tanzania, it’s not that tough as people think about.

But I wonder why Tanzanian billionaires can not do this to save Tanzanian and east African oil and gas industry,

Reginald Mengi and co where are you?

 Where are you Rostam Aziz and Bakhresa?

Many Tanzanian refuse to invest in Oil and gas industry claiming a shortage of capital and limited expertise.

However, we can join forces and build oil refinery in the country instead of waiting for investors to build for us

The habit of enticing foreign investors to do everything for us it ruins our capacity to build oil and gas local content.

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