How To Get Into Tanzania Oil.Gas Industry (3)

Is doing business in Tanzanian oil and gas industry interest you?. Do you fancy for job in Tanzania oil and gas industry?

Don’t worry,
To participate in Tanzania oil and gas industry is not hard as it looks.

However unless you have detailed information you will never participate in the industry.

It hurts me to say, Tanzanians we are in the last seat when it comes to our engagement in oil and gas industry. Why? because there minimal engagement of Tanzanians in the industry

The industry grows at fast speed rate, energy demand increases, but we just sit in the back bench and watch few people benefit access our new found wealth

Why does this happen? Lack of awareness and limited information.
It’s common in Tanzania when you hear someone is engaging in oil and gas industry. You will realize he just owning filling station.

Ooh..! Don’t get me wrong, is not bad to own filling stations. But we should do more than that.

what if I told you are not late? What if I told you there important facts you need to know helps you engage in Tanzanians oil and gas sector.

And all finds down this
Articles discuss essential things helps you either in doing business or get a job in the industry.
Oil and Gas job opportunities
Any Tanzanian can get into oil and gas industry as the industry require wide range of employee from security, welder, technicians engineer, human resources to top management, However, two points must be taken into consideration

To get into Tanzania oil and gas industry you need to be trained and get a certificate.

But where you can go for training?

Luckily we have 6 institutions that offer training relevant to oil and gas industry

  • Nelson Mandela African institute of science and technology(Arusha)- Master of Petroleum and Gas science and Engineering
  • University of Dar es salaam- offer bachelor degree in Petroleum engineering, Petroleum geology and petroleum chemistry
  • University of Dodoma(UDOM)- bachelor degree in petroleum engineer
  • Dar es salaam institute of technology(DIT)-bachelor in oil and gas engineering
  • Mineral resources institute(MRI)- Diploma in Petroleum geosciences
  • Earth sciences Institute of Shinyanga (ESIS)- certificate and diploma in petroleum geology

However, never rely on these certificates to participating in the Tanzanians oil and gas industry,

The following are essential things that determine your participation into oil and gas industry

  • Competence- is the ability to get a job done. And this can be developed through lifelong learning and continuously upgrading your skills.
    If you are an engineer you must be a good engineer, if you are technicians you must be the best.

You are ability to get job done faster and better and how                      competent you are is what determine your participation in                  the Tanzanians oil and gas sector rather than your                                     qualification and expertise

  • Contact- Many jobs are not widely advertised or posted. But the more people you know who know you the more referral you get and the more you increase chances to get into Tanzania oil and gas industry.

And the best news is this many oil and gas jobs are filled because someone who knows someone else.

Tell friends and relatives that you want to get into the industry, ask for referrals and make sure they know you are available for job——never underestimate the power of network in the Tanzanian oil and gas industry

Qualities search by employers
Oil and gas empoloyers  look for candidate with the following qualities


  • Problem-solving ability
  • Work as a team
  • Leadership skills
  • Good communication skills (written and orals)
    Strong work ethic

Oil and gas investment opportunities
Here are two ways for Tanzanians to do business in Tanzanians oil and gas business
Local business
If you think doing business in Tanzanian oil and gas industry then you must register your business with Business registrations and licensing agency (BRELA) which is responsible for business registration in Tanzanian oil and gas industry.
According to Tanzania local content policy 2014, it defines that the company or business registered to offer goods and services to oil and gas industry must be wholly owned by Tanzanians or with at least 51% of share owned by Tanzanians.
What does it mean? It’s simple! a company that has 51% share or above belongs to Tanzanians nationals

What if you don’t have enough capital? What if you have limited abilities? Is not an excuse to participate in the Tanzanian oil and gas industry
If you don’t have have enough capital and resources to invest in Tanzanian oil and gas industry, then you can join forces with those having abilities and financial Muscles and transform your idea into great oil and gas business

You want to participate in Tanzania Oil and gas industry?
Yes, everyone wants to be part of Tanzanian natural gas boom, but it confuses if you don’t know where to look at. But start today, start small and start where you are, it’s easy

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