How To Get Into Tanzania Oil.Gas Industry (3)

Reach target that matter

Are you sick and tired of selling product and services that nobody buy?

Oil and gas industry buys various products and services however, lots companies and organizations  struggling to sell product and services to the  industry. And wonder if they should spend  hundreds dollars  on marketing

Unless you spend time on right places, you are never going to build the kind of audience  you need t sell products and services.

Luckily, Tanzania petroleum are thrilled to educate  customers about your  company’s products and services with the aim of convincing  them to buy

What we offer

  • We  write about your services and products  2 times a week  with our regular blog post
  •   Social Media promotion
  • When your  company post new updates launch a new event we  will be thrilled to pass it along our network to help spread the world about what you are doing to many people than you could reach on your own

Our target audience

Our blog focus on oil and natural gas, we would concentrate on product and  services related to petroleum industry.if products  and services  you offer are irrelevant  to the industry we are sorry that would not suit our audience.

            For Full details of our service packages contact us through



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