An oil worker is transferred via a 'Frog' basket from the tugboat Bourbon Auroch, operated by Bourbon SA, onto the deck of the Agbami floating production, storage and offloading vessel (FPSO), operated by Chevron Corp., in the Agbami deepwater oilfield in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, on Monday, Nov. 16, 2015. Nigeria plans to review agreements for deep offshore oil production to seek more favorable terms in line with the latest industry standards, state-owned Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. said. Photographer: George Osodi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Would you like to know what are the best jobs in the oil and gas industry? Interesting to know oil and gas jobs suits you?

Article meet all the questions above

Before we move on to see those best jobs you can get in the oil and gas industries, there are some important facts to be taken into account

1. The best job for me is not necessarily the best for you because our values differ.
2. The job you can do is not necessarily easy for me; our skills/aptitudes differ.
3. The risks you can take in a job/career may not be accepted for me to take.
4. The salary, fringes, prestige you need are not the same for me.

The best job you can get in Oil ad Gas sector and any other industry is the one that:
• first of all, you like so that you can excel in it.
• gives you the material (money) and prestige satisfaction you need.
• matches your skills and aptitudes
• aligns with your values especially. if your social life warrants.
• is common with various industry areas to give more chance to get hired such as project controls, cost, planning, risk, contracts.
• is shared with as many people in the Organization as possible (if you prefer teamwork).

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    These are the best Jobs you can have in Oil and Gas industry – Tanzania Petroleum


    These are the best Jobs you can have in Oil and Gas industry – Tanzania Petroleum

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