Where are qualified Tanzanians with skills and experience to develop and manage our oil and natural gas deposits?

Where are qualified Tanzanians with competencies and expertise to be absorbed in oil and natural gas sector.

The articles meet all the question above.

The immense of natural gas finds off cost Tanzania have been set the country into the global energy map and it is the great hotspot for investment

However, there is a limited pool of human capital and expertise to develop and manage our new found wealth.

A lot has been done to establish courses relevant to oil and gas industries in local universities though there is a significant gap between types of graduates that our universities are producing and what oil and gas industry need.

The situation is even worse in development of local vocational training which are in high demand in oil and gas sector

This gap can be narrowed through partnership between public and private institutions in collaboration with industry to produce high qualified local skills

Tanzania local content is good as it requires citizens get the job in the industry, but we should first invest on higher quality education provision that meet the demand of oil and gas sector.

Most Tanzanians who are employed in the oil and natural gas sector are required to be retrained by oil companies from scratch.

In addition, the tendency of sending people overseas for training relevant to oil and gas industry it favor abroad universities rather than our local content
I don’t think is a good idea to send people overseas for training relevant to oil and gas instead we can get it done through collaboration between local institution and abroad correlative to produce necessary skills inside our territory,” said Hussein Boffu business partner at Tanzania Mines Gas and Oil Company Limited

If we train our people in our local institutions, there are great chance to absorb them in oil and gas sector.We must build enough number of high qualified human capital if to move faster is our great desire.

Tanzania Local Content is very great and might benefit many Tanzanians citizens and the country as whole if we put into practice

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