Do you really  know working into  oil and gas industry can benefit you than you think?
Do you think there are some disadvantages of working in oil and gas industry?

You are about to learn  excellent  stuff

The articles intend to clarify advantages and disadvantages of working in oil and gas industry:

Lets meet them


1:Trip opportunities
If travelling different countries is your dream, oil and gas industry is a perfect career for you.

As the oil exploration and production projects of oil and gas are carried worldwide, oil and gas workers must travel from one project location to another.

As I am writing this article, some of the Tanzanians are in the United Arab Emirates working with oil and gas companies:

Furthermore, Some of these oil and gas activities are conducted on land  and others on deep water you  should get outfitted to work on deep-sea as well

2:Great Salary
I know this is the point of interest for most of you.The fact is that oil and gas industry is the highly paid industry.

If you want to understand the great wealth in oil and gas industry, check out the lifestyle of oil and gas workers in petroleum companies, not to talk with investors themselves.

Technical staff like drilling engineers, field engineers, pipeline operators, geoscientists  petroleum engineers and other technical personnel  are in demand and hence their salaries are very higher.

The most amazing thing in this industry is as the oil prices raise the salaries of employees also rise, which is quite different in other companies or industries.

3:Entertaining and intelligent work
If you are very interesting in brainstorming  and you like to think for yourself and get things done, consider oil and gas industry:

Can you think how hard in controlling the huge pipeline system that passes from Mtwara to Dar es salaam?

Have you ever asked yourself the trouble in seismic interpretation and get the result that decides where to drill the first well?


1:Stress and disappointment
Some oil and gas jobs can lead to stressing, you might work even night shift because drilling activities should run 24 hours, working long hours in a harsh environment and staying away from your family and loves one, is a great challenge.

Additionally pipeline operators might experience bad time since pipeline can easily leak, and if that pipeline crosses below nearby the cities, the  native remain at risk,

This is the reason pipeline operators and other oil and gas workers must be trained for safety issues in order to protect environments and their lives as a whole.
2:Health problems
Oil and gas workers  do at very risky, for instance, those who work in refineries for a long time can be induced by harmful chemicals. Also working on the land and deep seas(offshore) is very dangerous

Bonus:  if you want to have great understanding on how is threatening us to work into oil and gas industry, consider BP’s  oil

spills 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico in the united state which result in the death of 11 people in the rig floor and result of Chief executive officer of  BP, Mr     Tony Hyward  was forced to resign

Final Words
To consider a career in the industry you don’t know is wasting of time, before you join in the oil and gas industry you must have a clear picture of difficulties and benefits of the petroleum industry.

Good Luck

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