Have you ever really know the oil and gas market is not static?  Do you believe Tanzania oil and gas industry and other East African countries can dramatically change the global energy equation

You are about to learn some really great stuff,

The article explores two fundamental factors that  will result East African oil and gas industry including Tanzania to dramatically the change global oil and gas market

Let’s face them
      1: New discoveries
For a couple of years now, latest announcements of natural gas and oil discoveries in Tanzania, Kenya Uganda and Mozambique are being made every few months, oil and natural gas exploration is ongoing, so even more natural gas could be developed.

This natural gas discoveries means that these East African countries that have not been exporter, they certainly would be just an exporter of natural gas in the global market and this will result into change the global energy equation.

2:New technology
Changing of oil and gas market is the consequences of new technology,
What does modern technology mean to oil and natural gas industry?
It means that uncommon sources of oil and natural gas that recently are not commercially viable. They will come online.
Allow me to make one example of contemporary innovative technology that has dramatically changed the global oil and gas market.
The most recent technology that has changed the global oil and gas market is called” HAUDRALIC FRACTURING or  FRACKING”

What is Haudralic Fracturing?                  A quick definition

Hydraulic fracturing or Fracking is the process which blast through shale deep below the surface to release oil and gas trapped in the rock
This technology has switched the global oil and gas market.

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For instance  this technology has made United stated  a net exporter of oil and natural gas  and in few years the country  has decrease oil import from 56 percent in 2005 to 40 percent in 2012

Bonus: In 2011 United states begin  to export petroleum products for the first time over 60 years thanks to HAUDRALICK FRACTURING technology

Final Words
Due to the  reasons  I mention above, you should  understand that oil and gas markets will never remain the same  for the next years.

East African countries like Tanzania, Mozambique Kenya and Uganda have to come online  and become oil and natural gas exporter due to the new oil and gas discovered day after day this will result to the change of energy equation across the world

New technology  also can cause oil and gas market to change because those oil and gas  sources that was that was very difficult to access could be easily accessible

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