In reality, the oil and gas industry is one that creates high-paying jobs that generate sufficient income. Not only do good jobs elevate people’s well-being and happiness but they help to propel the economy towards more equitable.

To operate and function more efficiently than in the past, oil and gas companies are adopting new technology and new software.   

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have become a hot topic across the industry.

So what happens if technological advancement will take away more jobs in the industry?

From Now On, You are also an IT professional.

I don’t care if you are a petroleum engineer, a maintenance engineer, a project manager a geologist, an accountant, a commercial manager, a reservoir engineer, or a geoscientist, whatever you do you are also an IT professional.

It is simply, not possible now to deliver a remarkable contribution to your organization without being proficient in technology and new software.

It can be impossible to own the oil and gas jobs of the future if you are unable to use sophisticated technology.

It can be tough to become an irreplaceable and indispensable employee or simply “fireproof” if you don’t learn about new processes and new technology.

Real-world examples

Most Oil field service companies are using QuickBooks as their accounting system. 

Furthermore, Exploration and production companies have adopted new software to do seismic acquisition design.

If you are an accountant, you are coming into our industry, learn as much as you can about new software being used in the real world. It will enhance your skills and improve your productivity.

If you are a Geoscientist or an Engineer, the one bit to tell you right is to take some big data analytics and machine learning classes.

The future is the ability of our workers to learn new processes, new techniques, and new software.

That is the way to beat the competition and own future oil and gas jobs.

 The oil and gas industry is a paperwork-heavy industry. 

Many oil and gas companies still have existing paperwork backlog, repeated tasks, and many manual tasks. Professionals sometimes are sorting through a stack of paper to get information. But these simple things cause a delay in the process and eating up hours for professional staff who have better things to do.

By familiarizing yourself with a piece of software to carry out that manual paperwork or repeated task, it can save most of your working time. And thereby making you look good in your organization for saving the company time and for simplifying a complex process. 

As we enter the knowledge economy that will demand more sophisticated skills For Survival

The oil and gas industry, although still quite complex, no longer requires heavy lifting as it was in the past. Most of the jobs have been replaced with advanced electronic systems that require brains, not brawn.

So don’t fear new technology and machines. 

But takes advantage of them. If you are professionals that you can install, maintain, and utilize this new technology will never take away your job.

Look for software solutions that have been added to oil and gas operation. More specifically what software can you learn that can save you tons of time. And make you more productive in your work

If you find yourself there tasks that take you a lot of time to complete.? Ask yourself if there is software that you can learn that will free up your profession and improve your efficiency.

Most of the gas discoveries in East Africa were made in deep-water. There created a demand for more sophisticated skills in the region. Furthermore, the day of easy oil is over, while knowledge of engineering and geoscience are still relevant. As young professionals must also, be equipped with digital skills and advanced computational and simulation model techniques.

                        Modernize Your Skills For Survivals

Survival in the oil and gas industry is your ability to embrace change quickly. To own the job of the future, you need to modernize your skills and strategies to meet technological changes and emerging trends in our industry and society.

is That’s the way to improve your performance, save the most time, and prepare yourself for the future the great jobs in the oil and gas.